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Bergman: dead and blog: born

butterfly2.jpgWhen is the best time to start a blog? The alternatives are many. Well, the day after the master director Ingemar Bergman’s death is at least my option. In a world of creativity and fantasy I start this website in need of a place to show my work of art. I like dance, travelling, marketing and media: graphic design, photo, writing, film and 3D-animation. This is a web place were you can find links to other sites there I’m represented.

Ingemar Bergman spent his summers in Duvnäs a village outside Borlänge, the town I live in. One of my relatives husband grew up in that village and used to play with Bergman. As a little girl I found this interesting to hear about. I think stories like that can make people set goals for them selves what they want to achieve in life.

Bergman leaves a lot of empty space, even if he has not done any films since Fanny and Alexander. The new development will be interesting to watch. Even if the content of Bergman’s film’s are to sad for my taste, it is inspiring that a Swede was able reach a world public and become an icon. Rest in peace, Ingemar Bergman. I guess his playing chess in heaven now. Enjoy my website, a new era is here.

/ Anneli Fors


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