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Exhibition highlights

LightThe exihibition at the Future Museum is over for this time. One of the high lights of the event was Brutus Östlunds lecture about eagles, penguins and his life as a photographer.

Swedish Television unexpectally interviewed me for their news program: “Gävle Dala”. They asked me questions about Near photos. The program was broadcasted on the 4th of February, 22.00.

I look forward to next year. What theme will it be then?

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Near photos

mammothThe photo association that I am a member of is planning for the annual photo exhibition in the Future Museum of Borlänge. The exhibition starts the 4th February and ends the 21 February. The event usually has a lot of visitors and photographers from the whole “Dalarna”, show their photos. The theme this year is “Near”. I will for the second time show a few of my pictures on the exhibition.

The opening of the exhibition starts with people mingling at 18.00 on the 4th of February and all interested are welcome. The 14th of February Paul Sand and Brutus Östling will show and hold lectures about their pictures. Paul sand is famous for photographing spiders and Brutus Östling was appointed to be the best Nordic Photographer in 2007. This is an occasion that you should not miss.

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