July 2008

Elephants run away

Now my buddies the elephants Rani and Carla at Circus Maximum are in Norrköping. Aftonbladet wrote today that they run away to a residential area near the circus. I am […]

Kristian Anttila signed autographs

What good memories do the festival visitors take with them when they leave Borlä¤nge. I remember that Kristian Anttila had the longest screaming autograph queue. Kristian Anttila looked as he […]

Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian, the second film in the Narnia chronical was released in Sweden the 2th of July. Ben Barnes plays the role of Prince Caspian. A prince deceived by an uncle who […]

Elephants from Circus Maximum

Circus Maximum was in Borlänge this week to entertain children and adults. I could not resist photographing the elephants. It looks a bit funny when elephants put dirt on their […]