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Elephants run away

circus_maximum_elephants_rani_carla.jpgNow my buddies the elephants Rani and Carla at Circus Maximum are in Norrköping. Aftonbladet wrote today that they run away to a residential area near the circus.

I am glad to here that the elephants were safe and now are at their home at the circus. I noticed on the Monday that the elephants fence was just a rope. The elephants could easily step over it, but even if they run away they are two friendly animals and nothing to be afraid of. They just wanted a day off from work.

Here is a picture of their visit to Borlänge.


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Kristian Anttila signed autographs

kristian_anttilla_peace_love_anneli_fors.jpgWhat good memories do the festival visitors take with them when they leave Borlä¤nge. I remember that Kristian Anttila had the longest screaming autograph queue. Kristian Anttila looked as he had the time of his life. See a picture of Kristian Anttila signing autographs to the left.

I remember the music magazine the Groove and Kupolen that arranged activities in day time for the bored festival visitors for free. The Groove let people meet there idols and Kupolen arranged concerts.

One thing that Peace & Love is famous for is its great design. I got curious and went out to find the some answers who has made it and found it in a bookshop. The firm that has made the design is called: Höglund Design and is located to Borlänge. In specific it is Andreas Höglund and Henrik Strömberg.

Visit the company:

Visit the festival site:

Visit Kristian Anttila:

Visit Groove:

Visit Kupolen:

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Prince Caspian

TigerPrince Caspian, the second film in the Narnia chronical was released in Sweden the 2th of July. Ben Barnes plays the role of Prince Caspian. A prince deceived by an uncle who killed his father to become King. Staring in the movie is also: George Henly, Skandar Keynes, Anna Popplewell and William Moseley. In the movie the four young people return to the country that once again needs to be saved from the evils.

I saw the movie Friday night and it is a good adventure that is worth seeing. How would not like to go into a closet and end up in a fairytale world. I would if I could.

The picture on the above is a Swedish tiger and not from the movie. Klick on the tiger to see it better.

See the Prince Caspian trailer:

Ps. Mama Mia had an secret premier in Borlänge Friday evening.

See ABBA reunite:

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Elephants from Circus Maximum

Elephants Circus MaximumCircus Maximum was in Borlänge this week to entertain children and adults.

I could not resist photographing the elephants. It looks a bit funny when elephants put dirt on their backs to protect themselves from the sun. I fed the elephants with grass and they liked it. The elephants posed nicely like professional models.

Standing beside an elephant you can feel that they are the last surviving relatives from the dinosaurs. They are still here because they are wise and kind animals.

On the photo you can see a classical elephant pose.

Circus Maximum:

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