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EMD Danny Saucedo

danny_emd.jpgDanny Saucedo: For all you EMD fans out there. Here is a picture with Danny Saucedo in the centre. Danny Saucedo the former Let’s Dance competitor has dance in his blood and was hard to catch in a picture, because he moved all the time. These EMD events are crowed, so it was impossible for me to move. I had to photo from the position I had when I first arrived. I did not get any close ups on Danny, but some good action photos.

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Mattias AndreassonE.M.D visited Borlänge this Saturday. E.M.D has the members Erik Segerstedt, Mattias Andresson and Danny Saucedo, but this time they were only two. Mattias Andreasson and Danny Saucedo performed their hits alone. The boy band E.M.D did a professional show with melodic pop and enchanted the screaming crowd of girls. I got some good pictures.

Click on the link below to see the last time Mattias were in town with other idols:



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