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Sprida’s Hollywood touch

SpridaThe Advertising Agency Sprida has obtained new premises. Sprida opened its doors to the public today. The old cinema Palladium has been rebuilt to a modern office. On the motion picture screen movie stars like Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe and James Dean was shown, like in the old days. The old cinema has got new magical lights.

Finally, Borlänge has got some Hollywood touch.

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The lonely planet

The lonely planetWe live on a lonely planet without any official connection to any other planet. If we destroy this planet we can not escape anywhere else. Water is a scarce resource and still industries pollute it without any thought about generations to come.

This year has been a wakeup for many people. The oil prices are high and people in my neighbourhood has started to use bicycle instead of cars. The Swedish government has put more resources into wind power. However when travelling through Europe it is easy to see that Sweden is far behind in this development, for example Denmark and Germany have far more wind power stations.

It is just a few days before the US elects a new president. I wish that who ever wins will take environmental responsibility for this lonely planet in the big Universe.

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