November 2008

Dala Digital Lounge 2008

Yesterday I competed for the first time in the competition Dala Digital Lounge (Dala Digital Salong) that is arranged by Gagnef photo club. The jury consisted of Carl Axel Svensson, […]

Inspiration day: Hidayet Tercan

Hidayet Tercan held an inspiration lecture in Borlänge about not being scared and that people can create their own possibilities. She came to Sweden as a refugee and her first […]

The winner Barack Obama

Congratulations President Barack Obama. The US election has come to an end. Barack Obama won and now we all hope for a better world economy and environment. We also hope that […]

Halloween Cycle Cross

When people celebrate Halloween, some instead compete in cycle cross. The costumes are different, but might as well be just as scary. Today there was a cycle cross competition in […]