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Obama’s historical day

The White HouseYesterday was an historical day. Barack Obama became the 44th president of the US.

The world is waiting for more peace and a better environment. We all hope that the new US government will take care of the economical issues that affect the whole world. Barack Obama’s job will be tough, but I wish him the best of luck.

The picture show the White House in Borlänge. A small copy of the real White House in Washington.

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The winner Barack Obama

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Let’s Dance 2009

Richard Herrey & Cecilia EhrlingIn January the new TV series starts. Let’s Dance has got new competitors. The first episode was dramatical when Mojje got vascular spasm. Niklas Wahlgren replaced him this week.

Last year Tina Nordström och Tobias Karlsson won Let’s Dance. Who will win this year is unsure. Laila Bagge did an impressive performance tonight. Last week Morgan Alling unexpectedly became the leader. The blogger Isabella Löwengrip, Blondinbella had the most beautiful dress. Magnus Samuelsson did the easiest lifts.

Mel B, Scary Spice was this week the most unexpected guest. It gave the program some international touch.

The photo shows one of the previous winner Cecilia Ehrling.

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Rickard Herrey & Tony Richardsson

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January a new start

GlassJanuary is the month when your neighbours have become hoarse from singing Rockstar on their PlayStation and it is suddenly quiet next door. Christmas has come to an end.

January is also the month people restart their lives and make plans for the rest of the year. People try to become better persons and contribute to a better earth. For me the New Year started with getting a new class A Fridge Freezer. By buying a Fridge Freezer that consumes less energy I hope that I will not contribute to the energy crises in the world.

This year will be interesting. The politicians have to start taking care of the world so it will not collapse.

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