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Venture Cup in the Blue Hall

Laila BaggeThe town hall in Stockholm is known for the Nobel festivities, but is also the place were the Venture Cup takes place.

The ceremony was opened by the opera singer Lena Hoel that sang from a balcony high above the public. Staffan Scheja played the piano beautifully. The CEO for Börje Ekholm talked about that his motivation for starting the company was that he wanted to buy a car. Melker Andersson was also a part of the ceremony.

Laila Bagge was interviewed concerning her new way of doing music promotion. The new is to first play the new music on teve and then on the radio. The opposite is the traditional way. The two artists Janet Leon and Kim Fransson from Made in Sweden performed.

I talked to two friendly people the actor Carl Axel Hedberg and the writer Dagmar Zitkova on the mingle party after the ceremony.

The photo of Laila bagge is from another event. Tony Irving did not take part of this cermony as far as I know.

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The 30th April

April FireI celebrated the 30th of April on a mountain. The view over the whole town was outstanding. Fires and fireworks all over town was part of the view. Eat grilled food and feel the smoke in the air. Spring is here.

I like to photograph the four elements and sometime it becomes magical. The fire has its own life and by mere accident the final photo gets something that was hard to imagine. How often in life is it hazard that decides if we are successful or not.

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EMD: Baby Goodbye

EMD: Baby GoodbyeThe 26th of April EMD performed in Kupolen in front of a screaming crowed. This time all the three members were present. Last time they were only two.

EMD sang the song Baby Goodbye from the Swedish part of the Eurovision song contest, but this time they did not have top hats. EMD this time was dressed more casually.

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Somebody has filmed EMD on Kupolen:

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The photo weeks

Yvo Eussen and Elisabeth Novotny OlofssonThe opening of the photo weeks at the Future Museum the 7th of April this year was a well visited event. The municipal commissioner Nils Persson opened the event.

Fornby photo club had two walls with pictures. My contribution was pictures of the masters of ten dances: Yvo Eussen and Elisabeth Novotny Olofsson. I was thrilled that many people told me that they liked my three photos. For me it is the third time I show my photos at this exhibition.

I wonder what the theme might be next year.

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