June 2009

Michael Jackson the King of Pop

On Friday night I was reached by the message that Micheal Jackson is dead. When he died the world stood still. Michael Jackson had all the sing and dance talent […]

Forum days at Peace & Love

There are many workshops at Peace & Love. Monday I attended one in how to be a DJ. I got to know everything about cue and pitch by Playsister from […]

Marit Bergman Peace & Love

The National Road Administration arranges during the Peace and Love week a own festival:  The festival is a meeting between traffic, music, seriousness and fun. Visitors even get a band […]

Preparation for Peace & Love

The first Peace & Love visitors have arrived to Borlänge. Yesterday I meet a friendly gang of punk rockers that shouted and screamed: Hallo Borlänge!. The punk rockers were on […]

Midsummer in Dalarna

Midsummer is a fantastic time of the year. The midsummer night in Dalarna is bright and the daylight never ends. During midsummer I tried to catch the enchanting fog that […]

Helsinki Design

One week before midsummer I arrived in Helsinki. The rain and storm took my umbrella and put in two halves. The upper part rolled away and did almost stop the […]

Rix FM Festival

Rix FM Festival 2009 in Falun was a crowded event with a lot of famous and less famous artists: Star Pilots, Måns Zelmerlöw, BWO, Anders Fernette, Janet, Kim, Style and […]

The tournament

The medieval days took place last in Leksand last week. I spent that weekend among noble knights and fair ladies. There were many interesting creatures to see: monks, monsters and […]

Alexandra Dahlström: Lacrimosa

This year the video festival’s main guest lecturer was Alexandra Dahlström known from Fucking Åmål Alexandra Dahlström did her directors debut with the film Lacrimosa, when she lived in Italy. […]

How to succed in Hollywood

How do you succed in the tough film business.? Here is the the answer: During the video festival in Falun I took part of a seminar in Falun with some […]