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Michael Jackson the King of Pop

Micheal Jackson the King of PopOn Friday night I was reached by the message that Micheal Jackson is dead. When he died the world stood still.

Michael Jackson had all the sing and dance talent in the world. He would conquere the universe and make us all believe in peace. Michael Jackson opened peoples mind to that there are no difference between people weather you are black or white.

I discovered Michael Jackson when I saw the video Say Say Say that he recorded with Paul McCartney and since then I have bought all his albums.  Thriller made the world understand that he was the King of Pop. I saw two of Michael Jackson conserts and I have never since then seen anyone beat him.

Rest in peace Michael Jackson we will love you for ever, because your songs made us dance and you made the world better. Your songs and dance will live for ever.

Michael Jackson’s songs:

Say Say Say


Billy Jean

In the closet

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Forum days at Peace & Love

Forum Days at Peace & LoveThere are many workshops at Peace & Love. Monday I attended one in how to be a DJ. I got to know everything about cue and pitch by Playsister from Uppsala. The event was arranged by Biz-Q and was very interesting. Biz-Q promised that Playsister might return to learn the audience more.

On the Tuesday Di Leva as usual wore his Jesus costume and the stage design was religious. Marcus Birro talked about his hard way to becoming a writing and society that did not want to believe in him in the beging. An African Dance group made the whole public dance.

Missed Wednesday on Peace & Love festival when I got caught in a major train jam, but finally got rescued by a taxi.

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Marit Bergman Peace & Love

Marit BergmanThe National Road Administration arranges during the Peace and Love week a own festival:  The festival is a meeting between traffic, music, seriousness and fun. Visitors even get a band around their wrist and the entrance was free. Photographing was on this event allowed. It is obvious that the National Road Administration understands the power of social media.

Fredrik Swan presented the artists: Marit Bergman, the Poand and Stefan Sundström. Marit Bergman was the most entertaining. She made jokes about that the lack of signs to the National Road Administration. This mad it hard for her to find the event.


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Preparation for Peace & Love

Pennant Peace & LoveThe first Peace & Love visitors have arrived to Borlänge. Yesterday I meet a friendly gang of punk rockers that shouted and screamed: Hallo Borlänge!. The punk rockers were on their way to put up there tents in the beautiful Water Park. I asked them if they were going to visit Peace & Love. A girl answered with a smile: -Yes. Today I ran into them again in Kupolen, but the hair style had fallen down. You could say that the punk rockers were in disguise.

Peace and Love celebrates its 10th anniversary and is now the largest rock festival in Sweden. The festival takes place just outside my door. Next week I will report about things that happen during the festival from a native’s perspective.

The building of the festival started before midsummer. Fences are put up and this year they are covered by fabric. Roads are blocked and new road signs are being put up. Lamppost and trees are being decorated. Some tree trunks have become red and other trees are being protected by graffiti paintings. Indian tents will be a part of the festival. The functionaries go around in golf cars to speed up the preparations.

During Peace & Love you see things you would never see otherwise. All noise will make it hard to sleep for six nights, but I have to do the best of the situation and I will become a tourist in my own town.

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Midsummer in Dalarna

FogMidsummer is a fantastic time of the year. The midsummer night in Dalarna is bright and the daylight never ends. During midsummer I tried to catch the enchanting fog that covers many lakes this time of the years. This fog I found in Falun. See the result to the left.

This year I got to see two beautiful midsummer poles:  Falun and Gagnef. The celebrations in Falun were targeting children and the celebration in Gagnef had a picnic feeling.

Dalarna is a good place to celebrate midsummer.

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Helsinki Design

Cat HelsinkiOne week before midsummer I arrived in Helsinki. The rain and storm took my umbrella and put in two halves. The upper part rolled away and did almost stop the traffic. I was not the first to loose my umbrella that morning. The road from the harbour was a graveyard for umbrellas I found shelter from the rain in the tourist office. Next door I found the Cafe Jugend. The cafe had a beautiful interior environment.

In Helsinki there is a temple church that is worth a visit, because it was built in to a mountain. When I visited the church I got the feeling of being in a cave. The Church of the Temple Place is worth a visit if you like modern design.

The shopping in Helsinki is excellent, because of all the design boutiques. Marimekko is one of the most famous labels in Finland.

Finland is not most famous for its design, but there are lot more to get inspired by than you think it is.

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Rix FM Festival

Star PilotsRix FM Festival 2009 in Falun was a crowded event with a lot of famous and less famous artists: Star Pilots, Måns Zelmerlöw, BWO, Anders Fernette, Janet, Kim, Style and Ragdollz. All except from the dance group Ragdollz were singers.

Star Pilots did a Top Gun inspired show and signed autographs in there big sunglasses. Ragdollz and Star Pilots had the most inspiring choreography. The Dirty Dancing hit Hungry eyes was singed by Anders Fernette. There is no summer without Style, but when is Gigi Hamilton doing here comeback.

Måns Zelmerlöw ended the show as the star he is and got standing ovations after performing his hits. BWOs Martin Rolinski got star qualities as well.

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The tournament

KnightThe medieval days took place last in Leksand last week. I spent that weekend among noble knights and fair ladies. There were many interesting creatures to see: monks, monsters and beggars. As a visitor you could also taste different sorts of medieval food.

The tournament was the most exiting event during the medieval days. The handsome knight fought for the beautiful lady Anneli’s hand. I missed the resolution. If there is somebody out there who stayed until the end, please tell me in the comment area.

The medieval days in Leksand are worth a visit.

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Alexandra Dahlström: Lacrimosa

Alexandra DahlströmThis year the video festival’s main guest lecturer was Alexandra Dahlström known from Fucking Åmål

Alexandra Dahlström did her directors debut with the film Lacrimosa, when she lived in Italy. The money to do the film she got from participating in a Dutch TV series. Alexandra wrote the manuscript in a few weeks and did the short film in a hurry. By accident she meet someone that could help her find someone that could cut her film. She was surprised when she was accepted to the film festival in Stockholm.

Alexandra thinks that casting is the most difficult part when doing a movie. Her advice is to go for what you believe in. Continue to look until you find actors that touches your feelings.

On the festival there was also possible to pitch a film idea for Alexandra Dahlström. The price was to win a one year use of a video camera and 3000 crowns. Some took the opportunity and later the same evening the lucky winner was announced.

Yours truly thinks that Lacrimosa is a very beautiful and poetic movie and it will be interesting to see what the lucky winner in the pitch competition creates until next year.

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How to succed in Hollywood


How do you succed in the tough film business.? Here is the the answer:

During the video festival in Falun I took part of a seminar in Falun with some famous movie makers: Martin Hunter, Hollywood film editor that has cut Full Metal Jacket. Alexandra Dahlström that breakthrough in the film Fucking Åmål. Maria Blom that has made the Swedish Mas Jävlar. The filmer Ari Willey is known for the film Ett Öga Rött (On eye red). Sylvia Ingemarsdotter, film editor that has cut Ingemar Bergman’s films, for example Fanny and Alexander.

Alexandra Dahlström that now also has gone into the area of directing thinks that a good producer is essential. The producer should create space for creativity.

Martin Hunter believes that the most interesting thing in his work is when there is a hole in the story and he must find a way to overcome this. Martin also uphold that the most important to create good film is to have a team that is open to sharing and open to collaborating. Sylvia thinks that it important to have directors that understand the editing process and do not believe that there are things in the material that do not exist.

Mia Blom says that to use a test audience is important, because as a director she would like to know if the audience gets the story. If the actors are secure it is easier to work. Ari Willey believes that it is more important to do film than to talk about it.

They could all agree on that succeeding in the film business is a question about being surrounded by the right people and early in the carrier learn from people that already have succeeded.

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