November 2009

Jill Johnson

Jill Johnson has released a new album: Music Row II. A few weeks ago she visited Borlänge and Kupolen. She was happy and sang songs from her favorite artists. Jill […]


A few weeks ago they demolished a house in the inner city of Borlänge. I photographed the process. It will be intersting to see how the new house will look […]

Idol: Eddie

Today the Swedish idol Eddie Razaz and Karolina made a short visit to Borlänge. The train was late, so the audience had to wait. The performance was short. There only two […]

Twinflower band

Twinflower band played at Peace & Love Café in Borlänge this evening. They got a lot of applause and people wanted to hear them again when the consert was over. […]