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Day 7 P&L: The Happyland

HappylandPeace & Love

The Happyland has left Borlänge and the town is empty and quiet again. The only thing you can hear are seagulls that is having the meal of there lives. The birds can choose from anything between Thai food to spaghetti.

The visitors that did not get enough sleep at the camping sleeps well in the ditch.The wild camping looks worse than ever. To become the cleanest festival in Sweden is a good goal, but journey to reach that goal will be long. It is easy to talk about environmental improvements, but tents and other belongs behind are left behind. How many tons of extra refuse is the festival producing?

Amanda took her nice red buss with the text: Happyland and left Borlänge. How ever one troubadour still thinks it is Peace & Love and sings under my balcony. The troubadour sings that he maybe is crazy, but who is normal after a week with little sleep. Music and people has kept the town awake.

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Day 6 P&L: Beyonce & Jay-Z

BeyoncePeace & Love

The last day of Peace & Love Beyonce landed at Dala Airport with her husband. Shawn Corey Carter, Jay-Z performed that day at the festival. Next year we want Beyonce on the stage singing her songs

Amanda Jensen and John Fogherty played Saturday. Amanda Jensen has a strong personality. As the singer I am a dreamer and hope to stay in Happyland for ever. How ever the sixth day is the last.

Aqua Nova was the only thing that kept me from getting a heat stroke the warmest day at Peace & Love. It would have been nice if the opening hours had been a little bit longer.

Beyonce Knowle welcome back. Take your husband with you.

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Peace & Love: Cycle Taxi

Cycle Taxi Peace LoveThe most new and most interesting thing about Peace Love this year is the cycle taxi. You can go between the different locations at Peace & Love for reasonable price. I hope that they will buy more cycle taxis for next year and that they will keep the price.

The good thing is that it is environmental friendly and does not make much noise. The best thing how ever is that I had the time of my life. A cycle taxi is worth trying.

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Day 5 P&L: King & Queen

Carl Norén Peacce LovePeace & Love

Yesterday was not the Final Count Down, because Joe Tempest showed that he is the king of Peace & Love. Kim Wild is the queen of Peace & Love. Yesterday Carl Norén of Suger plum faires was the prince.

Kim Wild: The best female artist, so far at Peace & Love. She still is one of Europe’s best artist. I look forward to hear from her more in the future with new songs.

Europe: The best male band, so far at Peace & Love. The old songs still work and they also had a few new good one. Joey tempest is one of our times best song writers.

Carl Norén: Carl Norén entertained in front of one of the music stores in Borlänge. Girls from China and Germany stood in line to get his autograph. We from were Borlänge amassed.

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Day 4 P&L: Cafe Peace & Love

Marigold Peace & Love 2010

Peace & Love: Mari Gold

Thursday the fourth day of the festival I decided to be tourist in my own town and visit Café Peace & Love with new eyes. The artist Petter Seander and the band Mari Gold performed this evening.

Marigold is as far as I know an upcoming and there performance was enjoyable. Later that night two artists and a journalist made a tribute to Pete Seger.

This day many famous artist decided to stop by the café. One of them was Bob Hansson.

Bob Hansson Peace & Love 2009

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Taylor Mali Peace & Love

Portal Peace and LovePeace & Love

Taylor Mali is the teacher that became a spoken word artist. Yesterday at Peace & Love he had a workshop in poetry. I am not a poet, but this is one of the must inspiring workshops that I have ever been to. His goal is to get 1000 people to become a teacher, because of his work. Mali became a writer when his brother one day said:

– Where did you come up with that? That is genius!

Taylor Mali told us who you can get the words to speak for it self instead of making annoying movements that irritates the audience. He gave tips like: – You should always adjust the microphone, because its looks funny when it is to low. People that are nervous walk on the stage forward and back again. Just stand still and let the arms be at your side. You should not be afraid to show your thumbs. Always speak loader than you think is necessary.

Taylor Mali thinks that the best writing comes from risking more. A poet should write about the things that he or she is most afraid of, because that is worth reading. Another writing technique that Mali talks about is to find a fire sentence, like for example this years theme of Peace and Love: Freedom. Find words that are associated freedom: peace, fly and escape. Then you use those words to begin every sentence with.

Taylor Mali gave me a new perspective of writing and performing. Thank you!

See Taylor Mali in action
Taylor Mali

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P&L Day 3: Save the world

Peace Love 2010

Peace & Love

Day three in I spent in the Peace & Love area. Taylor Mali had an interesting workshop and Johan Tell made us believe that it is possible to save the world. For more information about Taylor Mali see my next article. Rootvälta made the public dance. Tomas Di Leva was the last performer that day.

100 ways to save the world

Johan Tell has written the books: “Träd kan rädda världen” and “100 sätt att rädda världen. In english: Trees can save the world and 100 ways to save the world. He made some example how much water there are needed to make different foods. Think about that when you consume on the festival.

One tomato: 13 litre of water
En glas of beer: 75 litre of water
One cup of coffee: 140 litre of water.

I recommend people to read his books. Knowledge is needed to save the world.

Rootvälta & Di Leva

Rootvälta came, were seen and made a victory. You get what you pay for.

Tomas Di Leva has made a cover album with songs from Michael Jackson, David Bowie and many more famous artists. This night he played these songs. Some of his fans were disappointed, but I liked his new approach of music.

Rootvälta Peace & Love 2008

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