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Rix FM festival 2011

marttin_stenmark_4594The Rix FM festival came to Falun in Dalecarlia/ ”Dalarna”. Artists like Danny Saucedo, Martin Stenmark, Tove Styrke,  Loreen, Ulrik Munter, Swingfly and Christian Walz performed. The artists entered the stage 19.00, but it was possible to see the rehearsals earlier that afternoon. It was interesting to see how the artists transform themselves from normal people into stars. The sun shined and it was an fantastic day.

Tove Styrke is becoming the new Kim Wild and a world artist. Martin Stenmark performed with grace.  He invited a friend, Kalle from the audience to sing with him. When Danny entered the stage the audience went crazy. Everybody wanted to here the hit “In the club”.

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Science Festival in Gothenburg 2011

lion_bird_gothenburgScience Festival in Gothenburg/”Vetenskapsmässan i Göteborg” is one of Europe’s leading popular science events. I visited the event 12-13 May 2011.  This year’s theme was creativity. In “Nordstan” I  attended creative workshops.  Marcus Österberg gave tips about how to optimize the web. At the Educationist /“Pedagogen” it was possible to listen to lectures about creativity.  Alf Rehn talked about Dangerous Ideas, “Farliga idéer”.  His book cover that creative ideas are good, but creative people can be cumbersome. Rehn discuss that all creative books are written on the same principle and he wants to break that trend.

Science Festival in Gothenburg 2011 was a Mecca for creative people.

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Go 360 degree

go_360Wheel of Gothenburg is a breathtaking experience. You have view of 360 degree.
The 13th of May I tested Gothenburg’s new attraction: Go 360 degree. I think that it was worth the money. It is the best place to see Gothenburg from above.

Go 360 degree – opening hours for the attraction: 15 apr – 30 sept 11.00 – 21.00.

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fish_blogScience Festival in Gothenburg: Evelina Wahlquist and Christofer Pihl claims that bloggers are both consumers and producers.

I attended a blogosphere lecture on the Science Festival in Gothenburg. The blogosphere is all blogs and how they connect.  We read about them in the newspapers those bloggers who got fame and fortune by blogging:  Kenza, Blondin Bella, Perez Hilton and Kissy. Some get fame by beauty and intelligence and some by just being crazy.  The lecture was held by Evelina Wahlquist and Christofer Pihl. The two doctoral students talked about that a blogger is in the borderland between a consumer and a producer. In this borderland is also people like Basshunter that started of making music in there own home.  Blogs are also interesting for magazines. In 2009 Isabella Löwengrip was mentioned in 1086 articles. What makes it a blogosphere is that the bloggers communicate with each other. Sometimes there is a war between bloggers. Each year there is a blog award when all the bloggers meet.

Famous bloggers:

Research students:

Basshunter how to make music:

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