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Festival Summer


There are a lot of music events in Dalecarlia/””Dalarna” this summer:

Rix Fm Festival comes to Falun tomorrow: Eric Saade, Amanda Fondell, Erik Hassle, Lisa Miskovsky, Panetoz, Tone Damli, Eric Saade and Broken Door.

Dalhalla performances this summer: James Morrisson, Tom Jones, Malena Ernman, Norah Jones, Eldkvarn, Hammerfall, John Fogerty, Diggiloo and one opera performance.

Peace & Love arranges this year a film festival: 23-27 June. The music festival: Peace & Love’s main attraction this year is Rihanna. Other artists are Roxette, Billy Idol and Laleh.

“Ludvika Festivalen” is a calmer festival: 28-30 June. Here you can see Young Blood and Kikki Danielssson.  “Efterfesten” in Ludvika10-11 August: The Eurovision Contest winner Loreen comes to this festival in August.

For those who loves rock it is possible to visit “Rockstad Falun”: 16-18 August.

Photo Anneli Fors: BoomTown Light Show 2012.


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Historical Loreen

loreen_euphoriaThe winner Eurovision Contest: Loreen got 18: twelve points. That is a record in the Eurovision Contest. When Alexander Ryback won in 2009 with Fairytale he got 387 point. Loreen is now number two with 372 points. Lordi that presented the votes for Finland yesterday got 292 points; when they won with Hard Rock Hallelujah.

The photo: Rix FM festival 2011.

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Loreen is the winner

loreen_winnerWinner the Eurovison Song Contest 2012: Euphoria! Tonight we finally got the result from the Eurovison Song Contest: Loreen is the winner. Ambra is one of Sweden’s best chorographers. Magical!

Other good contestents: Norway, Greece, Iceland, Denmark and Estonia. Congratulations Loreen, Ambra and the rest of the team! The photo of Loreen: My photo from Rix FM Festival 2011. Previous article: Loreen will win in Baku

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vitsippaEurovision Contest Semi-finals: Yesterday there were three countries that had more charismatic contestant, than the rest: Sweden, Norway and Belarus, but unfortunately only two made it to the final. Sweden is in the final. What is it that makes some people charismatic? They have a message that is suitable in that time; believe in what they are doing and that things can change. Charismatic persons are friendly and positive. They have the power to catch the audience and have  eye contact with them. To be charismatic is something that many people want to be, but few are chosen.

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The summer is here!

tulpanThis is a sunny day with happy people. Eat my first fresh strawberries today and saw my first mosquito yesterday. People are eating ice cream and the grass is green.

They showed the princess Estelle on television today. She will grow up to be a vice queen. I wish Estelle and her parents all the best. Estelle  is a beautiful name. I hope she will have a happy life.

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Loreen will win in Baku

Loreen won the national selection for the Eurovison Song Contest. Sweden has won the Eurovision Contest four times: ABBA, Waterloo, 1974; Herreys, ”Diggi-loo diggi-ley”; Carola Häggkvist, “Fångad av en stormvind”/Captured by a Lovestorm” 1991 and Charlotte Nilsson, “Tusen och en natt”/”Take Me To Your Heaven”, 1999. I think that Sweden have a good chance to win the festival this year. It will be nice too see the victory on television.

This year the final will be in Baku. The semi-finals: 22 & 24 May and the Grand-Final: 26 May.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for Loreen in the final.

The photo: Loreen performed on Rix FM Festival 2011. I was lucky to catch a picture.

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How to get your blog successful

rainbowBlog Advice:

The latest issue of the Swedish magazine:  “Skriva/”Write” they gave some tips about how you should get your blog to be successful. It was good advice.

Here are my five advices:
1. Follow your heart:
Write about things that interest you or you have knowledge of. Do not choose a subject, because you think it is going to hit the market. It is more interesting to read a text if people are engaged in what they write.

2. Challenge you self: Always try to find a better angle, a better picture or a new idea.

3. Inspiration: My favourite trick is to use the power of creativity.

4. Passion/Compassion: Try to make the world a little better.

5. Motivate: Imagine that everything is possible, if you believe in it.

A rainbow suddenly turned up for five minutes, when I took this photo in “Hofors” today.

Prevous article: Blogosphere

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A walk in the woods

woodTrees make a better world:
I was out for a walk in the woods on Sunday. I needed some fresh air. The trees have begun to get some leaves. The sunset almost gave some twilight feeling, beautiful but mystical. Trees produce oxygen and people needs oxygen to  survive. Plant a tree if you want the world to get healthier.

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Circus in town

dogCircus Dog

“Cirkus Brazil Jack”/ Circus Brazil Jack visited Borlänge.

Elephants are interesting to photograph, but could not find any. I found a cute dog instead. The dog played with a lot other circus dogs. They seamed to have a happy life.

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Molly releases new album

molly_sandenMolly in Kupolen

Molly Sandén releases new album on Wednesday. She visited Borlänge and Kupolen. She competed in this years Melody festival with the song: Why Am I Crying.

Molly has a clear voice. We can expect to hear more from her when the new album is released.

Why Am I Crying

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