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Rihanna Fever P&L

rihanna_peace_loveRihanna Peace & Love
Robyn Rihanna Fenty, also known as Rhinna comes to Borlänge and Peace & Love tonight. This years music event on Peace & Love.

Rihanna has more than ten hits on Billboard. The artist had the part, Cora Raikes in the film Battleship with Alexander Skarsgård. See her music videos. Umbrella is my favorite.

Rihanna Umbrella
Where have you been
Take Care

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Light Peace & Love

castle_peace_loveWith a little help of light the tourist bureau in Borlänge turns into the castle of Cinderella.

Borlänge is usually a rather grey, but when Peace & Love comes to town it turns into something magical. I think that Peace & Love maybe had a little help from one of BoomTown’s educations: Creative Lighting Design for Stage and Event.

Correct me if I am wrong.

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People Peace & Love

peace_love_crowdPeace & Love: The real festival has started. Roxette performed last night at Peace & Love. The audience got to hear the hits from the group’s golden age. Laleh played tonight. She sang melodic pop in front of an enthusiastic audience. In the town people scream Veronica Maggio, that might be the big name of the festival tonight. You now that you are at the Peace & Love festival, when you see people running around in shorts, rubber boots and sunglasses in the middle of the night. 🙂

On Thursday 28 and Friday 29 June 2012, the international music industry is in Borlänge again to discuss the branch and what is going on. BoomTown is one of those that arranges the confrence.

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Director Mani Maserrat

mani_maserrat_us_peace_and_lovePeace & Love Film Festival: This morning, just before lunch I saw the general rehearsal of a workshop with the director Mani Masserat. He his known for the film: Ciao Bella. Now he is in Borlänge to talk about his new movie: Us. The film has premier 2013. Us is a film about destructive love.

Gustav Skarsgård plays one of the main characters. Masserat was happy to have Gustav Skarsgård in the production, because he is a very professional actor. Mani Masserat sees directing as a mussle, which must be trained. The director thinks that film is an art form that you must play with. It must be allowed to fail sometimes to develop as a director. The actors should be in the centre. You will be able to see the real workshop in connection to the film: Take this walz this afternoon.

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The fairest of them all

apple_snow_whiteSnow White and the Huntsman is a beautiful fairytale. It is a unique version of Snow White that might be inspired by Joan of Arc, Ivanhoe and Twilight. Kirsten Stewart and Chris Hemworth play the parts of the heroes very well. It was worth the money to go and see this movie. This film was not a part of the Peace & Love Film Festival, but is shown at the same cinema. The last day of the Peace & Love Film Festival is tomorrow. They show: Take this Walz and Marley.

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P&L: Lightning & Thunder

peace_love_rainbowPeace & Love 2012 started today with thunder and lightning. In “Expressen” today I read that 17 persons have been taken to medical care.

I heard the thunder in my appartment. I was happy that I had turned my computer off. Earlier today I talked to two Peace & Love visitors, that was afraid to sleep tonight because the lightning had hit somewhere near there tent.

In Aftonbladet today: Peace & Love had last year 50 000 visitors. In 1999 it was only 900. Who many will it be this year?

People are waiting for Rihanna to arrive.


Expressen: Seventeen injured

Aftonbladet: It was like an explosion

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P&L Film festival 2012

filmfestival_2012This year Peace & Love arranges the first film festival ever. It is raining in Borlänge, so the outside film activates has moved inside.Yesterday they showed Singing in the Rain. I did not have the opportunity to see it. Gene Kelly dancing and singing in the rain on a big screen would have been nice.

Tonight I saw Rock of Ages with Tom Cruise, Malin Åkerman, Alec Baldwin, Cathrine Zeta-Jones, Diego Boneta and Dakota Sage Grant. A boy and girl living the rock and roll dream. A film that takes place in the 80’s with a little bit of Grease feeling. Tom Cruise is truth worthy as the rock legend. A feel good movie!

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A Happy Day!


I had a great midsummer with a lot of strawberries and other god food. A sunny day!

This year I have learned to make my own flower crown, not to bad to be my first. /Anneli 🙂

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Happy Midsummer!

flowers_midsummerMidsummer: Tomorrow it is Midsummer Eve! I wish everybody a happy midsummer! What happend in Kolmården with the wolf is very unusual and sad. Wolfs do not usually attack people. Went on a saferi to see those wolves many years ago. They seemed to be friendly.

Link: Leave the wolves alone

/Anneli 🙂

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Building P&L

building_peace_loveThe Peace & Love festival is waiting for the visitors:

Peace & Love 2012 starts the 23 June. Tents are being built. Cars with the Peace & Love logo are driving around town. A lot of chairs are being transported to the festival area. A Tivoli wagon indicates that the area soon will be full of people. I started to notice all this changes a week ago.

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