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Flash Mob Panetoz

panetoz_rix_fmPanetoz Kupolen
The first attempt to make a flash mob in Dalarna was made today. A lot of people from different dance- and aerobic studios had gathered to make the floor of Kupolen Sway. Panetoz performed!

Part of the audience danced and the rest took a pause. I danced in the crowed.

I photographed this picture at Rix FM festival 2012.

Flash mob Stockholm
Panetoz Rix FM

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Autumn Leaf

leaf_autumnThe sun is here!

I like the colour of leafs in the autumn. The sun has been shining today in Borlänge. No need of a jacket or coat.

Finally some Indian summer, after all the raining! A lot of happy people in the city centre.

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Light of Fame

What happens if you turn of the light in a shopping centre? Today they had a power failure in Kupolen. They had broken a cable, when trying to build IKEA. They closed every shop. One man said: – You could think that it is Lucia and began to sing Silent Night, holy night. I managed to pass the area in the dark and got to buy the first season with Fame. Look forward to see Leroy dance again.

Fame Trailer
Irene Cara – Fame

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Queen Christina

The one that goes its own ways do not need a map.
/Queen Christina

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New Search Box

search01Search old articles:
There now is a search box at the bottom of the sidebar, if some of you want to search for old articles or specific information.

I had a search box with my previous theme, but it has been gone for a while. Now it is back! I found a good widget.

/Anneli 🙂

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Audivisual days

visuell_kubDalarna University arranged two extra special Audiovisual Days: making music videos, live looping, audiovisual installations and VJ. The first lecturer out was Ras Kjearbo from Ableton Education Berlin. Ableton is a program for making music: for composition, songwriting, recording, production, beatmaking, remixing and live performance.

Mats Udd held a lecture about what it is like to work as a music video director. He is Known for making for example Carl Norén – Going Out Tonight.

Johan Söderberg is the music video editor of Madonna’s videos Hung Up and Sorry. He also recognized for his work with documentary I’m Going to Tell You a Secret. Söderberg got a Grammis 2008 for best music video. Friday this week he was part of a panel discussion. Part of this discussions were also Andreas Tillander, Tomas Axelsson , Mats Udd and Hållbus Totte Mattsson.

The VJ Linnea “Morrsken” Forslund had a lecture and workshop about her area.

In the evening the group “Familjen”/Family played.

Hung Up
I’m Going to Tell You a Secret
Mats Udd

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Crazy Pictures

albin_petttersson_crazy_picturesFilmfestival Dalarna: Crazy Pictures is a film corporate in Norrköping. The group is most known for making short films. Their latest production is called the Blue Man. Albin Petterson is one of the members. Today he visited Dalarnas Filmfestival and held a lecture with a lot of good tips about filmmaking. His advice to young filmmakers: -Do not be afraid to put productions out on the Internet, because that is what creates interest.

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King & Environment

king_car_dalarna_universityToday we got an important and very welcome visit from King Carl XVI Gustaf. The King was a guest at the Solar Energy Research Center in Borlänge. This center is a part of Dalarna University. King Carl XVI Gustaf’s work for the environment is important. It was a lot of students waiting in the rain. On young student said:
– I do not care if there is a hurricane. I still wait.
The king was kind to smile into my camera.

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Roe Deer

see_sater_LjusternExpect the unexpected!

This image is a photo of the lake Ljustern in Säter. In a forest nearby the lake I saw three small cute roe deers. Unfortunately I was not fast enough to photograph this curious team.

Expect the unexpected! That was makes life interesting!

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Caribbean Night

trummorIt was a nostalgic evening when three of Borlänge’s most known bands played in different locations in the town. Apopocalyps and Rootvälta both made a Caribbean night possible. Sator and Rootvälta were part of the opening of the new Bolanche.

Now everything is like it used to be in the nightlife in Borlänge. Sometimes it feels like nothing really change.

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