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snogubbeWeekday Creativity

One of the kids in the neighbourhood has built a snowman.

It is nice with some creativity.

/Anneli ūüôā

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Singing in the Rain

ParaplyBorlänge Music Theatre

Tonight I looked at Borlänge Music Theatre production of Singing in the Rain. The main character Don Lockwood is played by Emil Bewö, that makes astonishing performance. The female stars Cecilia Bos and Isabelle Kågstöm lift this musical to a higher level. The best I have seen Borlänge Music Theatre do so far.
Singing in the rain
Gene Kelly

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Princess Engagement


Princess Madeleine¬†is the youngest of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia’s three children and is fourth in line to the throne.¬†Princess Madeleine announced her engagement to¬†Christopher O’Neill today.

I wish the couple the best!

Princess Madeleine & Christopher O’Neill

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United Nation Day

Make Up StoreIt is cold outside, but it is the day to wish for peace on earth. It is United Nation Day: 24 October.

I can only hope that Estelle and all other princesses to grow up world in Harmony.

The photo is from the show Spellbound: Make Up Store.

I found this cute video:
I am a princess – Disney

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make_up_store_spellboundMake Up & Costume: The Make Up Store in Borlänge had a show in Kupolen. It contained spectacular makeup, hair and cloths especially made for the event.

Hollywood Costumes: At the moment there is an interesting exhibition in the Victoria Albert museum about Hollywood costumes. You can see the red shoes from the Wizard of OZ. The exhibition is about how designers bringing characters to live.

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hagstromGospel according to Elvis

One month ago I started singing in an unreligious gospel choir, in form of evening classes. Petra Kv√§nn√• known¬†from ‚ÄúK√∂rslaget‚ÄĚ/Choir Battle give 70 enthusiastic people singing lessons. After one class she told us that we are going on a tour. Expect the unexpected! I just wanted to control my voice better. We have three concerts booked: Children of the World, L√•ngshyttan; Winter Consert, Soller√∂ Church and the Gospel according to Elvis, R√§ttvik Church. Petra thinks that singing is health and joy. I agree with her. The last consert is for collecting money for the Hagstr√∂m guitars.

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A bloggers thought


Nulla dies sine linea.

Not a day without a line.

In a perfect world…

/Anneli ūüôā

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Hip museum

Ljuskrona‚ÄĚDalarna museum/Dalecarlia museum”

The museum has become rather hip and cool place. Now they are showing ‚ÄúGraffiti‚ÄĚ.

You can also watch ‚ÄúDalah√§star”/Dalecarlia Horses with two ears, like they should look. In the restaurant ‚ÄĚKoppar hatten‚ÄĚ/The Copper Hat there is an exhibition with the cool and talented photographer Ryan Garrisson. They are collecting money for Rock N Roll Guitars of the trademark Hagstr√∂m to build a permanent exhibition.

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It is cold. About 20 kilometres from Borlänge it snowed yesterday. Today was the first day to wear gloves and a warmer coat. Guardrails and lamppost has got colourful garments. Maybe it is time to dance to some Latino music.

Ricky Martin

Livin’ La Vida Loca

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It will soon be Halloween. Kids and adults around the world dress up as vampires, witches and Frankenstein. Halloween has its origin from harvest festivals and festivals honouring the dead. Sweden has long been a country without Halloween traditions. Since a few years people in Sweden has picked up some American traditions. Carving pumps is one part of the tradition, but I have still not tried. Maybe this year!

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