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Christmas Lights

Christmas tree

Christmas is in the air. They have started to put lights in the Christmas trees. They are playing Christmas music in stores and on the radio.

It snowed last night and it is still going on. It is snow everywhere.

It is getting colder and I had to find my winter shoes. November is getting to an end and finally the snow lit up the surroundings.

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Get inspired, surprised, lauge and taste! 

This evening I listen to some inspirational lectures about starting your own company.

Zinat Pirzadeh one of Sweden’s most famous comedians wanted the audience to embrace life and made us believe that everything is possible. She upholds that people change and that to have the courage to follow your dream is what it is all about.

The poet Alma Kirlic thinks that it possible to reach success if you visualize it. The event ended with good African food.

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That Choir

Today we had our last ordinary practice before all events. We ate gingerbread, sang Christmas songs and had a nice time.

The day before new year the choir ”Den där kören” performs in Sollerö Church with another choir from Mora.

” New started gospel choirs perform together”
“Mora Annonsbladet” 2012-11-26 Page 12

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Katrin & Bingo

Fotomässan Stockholm

Foto Fair 2012/”Fotomässan Stockholm 2012”

Bingo Rimér and Katrin Zytomierska were two of Stockholm Photo Fair’s exhibitors. They sold books and talked about their work. Bingo Rimér has in a few years managed to make him self in to a trademark. That is very unusual in Sweden. People that do not know anything about photography know who Bingo Rimér is. Most famous photographers is known for their work, but people do not know what they look like.

Joe McNally
Morten Rygaard
The Photo fair 2012
The Photo Fair 2011
Bingo/Stockholm Photo Fair

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Joe McNally

Foto Fair 2012/”Fotomässan Stockholm 2012”

Joe McNally work as a news photographer. He has shot photos for Life Magazine, National Geopraphics and sports illustrated. Joe McNally uphold that there is no always in photography. An assignment is always a new one. A text should not be necessary. A picture should tell its own story.

I like his photos of dance.

Joe McNally showed his best photos.

Blog: Joe McNally
Morten Rygaard

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Morten Rygaard

Celebrity PhotographerPhoto Fair 2012/”Fotomässan Stockholm 2012″

Celebrity and Rock’n roll photograher Morten Rygaard showed interested photographers how they can become more creative. He told people how they can tell a story with their pictures. Morten Rygaard is known for his photos of Beyonce, Jay Z, Billy Idol, Bono and Bryan Ferry. It was the fair’s most inspirational lecture.

Beyonce & Jay Z

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Photo Fair 2012

Photo Fair 2012/”Fotomässan Stockholm 2012″

”Fotomässan 2012” takes place in Älvsjö between 23-25 November. As always it is possible to see the what the best photographers have done this year. The hippest new equipment will be presented. Some new inspiration can not be wrong.

The Photo Exhibition 2011

Ps. On the photo you can see the lights of ”Galaxen”, a hotel in Borlänge.

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“Genious is one percent inspiration and ninetynine percent perspiration.”
/Tomas A. Edison

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November Light


It is nice when the Christmas lights make the cold November warmer. A few days ago they put on a lot of lights on Kupolen. The lights lit up the night. The snow is gone again.

/Anneli 🙂

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New Tunnel

tunnelShopping district

They are building new roads to the future IKEA I Borlänge. Two new tunnels are ready. Nice lights!

It is interesting to see a whole new area coming to live. What to use to be an industrial area is becoming a shopping district.

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