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New Year’s Eve

New Year

Happy New Year!

Just a few hours until new year.

They are shooting fireworks outside my window, maybe a bit early.


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One hour before we all start to wait for New Year’s Eve.

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Performance Bolanche

FirmafestenCompany party

Once a year many of Borlänge’s best bands gather to play for each other. This event took place at Bolanche.

We in “That Choir” & Petra Kvännå performed and the room was crowded. The audience shouted that they wanted to hear us again. The photo showed one of the the stages before all bands started to play.

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Carina Jaarnek

Cruise: Carina Jaarnek and her orchestra played on Cinderella. The passengers danced a lot and seemed to enjoy the music. Leif Mannerström had composed the Christmas food onboard. The food was good, but I missed lingonberry Jam to the meatballs. I went bed early. This Christmas passed quickly. It was not long ago it was night before Christmas. I am waiting for the new year.

Night before Christmas
Magnus Carlsson/ABBA/Arrival

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Scrat Ice Age

Spend some part of the Christmas onboard Cinderella.

On board Cinderella it was a lot of entertainment for both children and adults.

Scrat from Ice Age was one figure that appeared during the travel. Santa Claus also made a visit.

It was a calm trip.

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Father Christmas


Christmas is the time of joy and happiness. This has been a holyday full of signs of Christmas: Santa Claus, presents, family, traditional tree and food.

Father Christmas is often described as a white-bearded man, but this one maybe took it too serious. /Anneli 🙂

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White Christmas

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Have a nice day tomorrow./Anneli

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Christmas Event

The second performance

That Choir performed in a shopping arcade in Borlänge. We sang Lean on me, The Rose, Amazing Grace & Down by the Riverside. A man shouted “Well Done” and people seemed to appreciate some music. A lot stopped to listen./Anneli

Next performance

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Little Star

The Star
Twinkle, Twinkle, little star!
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
like a diamond in the sky!
– Jane Taylor (1983-1824)

Count Down to Christmas! 🙂

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Artificial Thunder

Some stay up to get everything ready for Christmas.

Some make decorations for the Christmas tree.

I am caught in Photoshop trying to get the right dramatic feeling for some pictures I took in a studio a couple of days ago.

How do you create artificial thunder and lightning?

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