January 2013

Elvis Gospel

The Gospel according to Elvis: Yestaday I and ”That Choir” this time called “Gospel for everybody” performed in Rättvik’s Church. It was a tribute concert to Elvis arranged by Dalarna museum. […]

Jack Reacher

Night at the movies One of my favourite actors is Tom Cruise. His new movie is called Jack Reacher. It is an action movie. I watched it last weekend. It […]

Visit from Radio

Today ”That Choir” got a visit from Mats Ingels. He recorded us, when we sang. Listen to the radio P4: Thursday- 24 January -15.00. It will be interestesting to hear […]

“- It is the stars, the stars above us, govern our conditions.” – Shakespeare


Winter feeling I am fascinated by the fact that one light can bring warmth and good feelings into a room. I found this candle when I visited “Romme Alpin”. The […]


“Romme Alpin” When the weather is grey it is nice with some colours. I photographed some colourful ski helmets in a shop. Maybe it is good that people have different […]

12 Degrees Celsius

Fireplace How cold is 12 degrees Celsius? It is so cold that it is nice to find a fire. Downhill skiing is not my thing, but to find a fireplace to […]

Romme Alpin

Ski resort When you ask young people what they know about Borlänge they start to talk about two things: ”Romme Alpin” & the Peace & Love festival. Romme Alpin is […]

Spring signs

Seasons Went out and locked for signs of spring, but it were cold and snowy. I ended up photographing the neighbour’s flower in the window. Last year the spring came […]

Twelth Night

Twelth Night is here. The last New Year’s dinner is eaten. The last Christmas concert is seen. Christmas time is a good time of the year. Somehow you never want it […]