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Elvis Gospel

The Gospel according to Elvis: Yestaday I and ”That Choir” this time called “Gospel for everybody” performed in Rättvik’s Church. It was a tribute concert to Elvis arranged by Dalarna museum. Dalarna museum aims to collect enough funds to buy one of the largest collections of Hagstrom objects in the world and then create a permanent and accessible exhibition. Elvis once used to play on a Hagstrom guitar.

Ps. DT – The Gospel According to Elvis
 I am not in the photo. 🙂

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Jack Reacher

Night at the movies
One of my favourite actors is Tom Cruise. His new movie is called Jack Reacher. It is an action movie. I watched it last weekend. It is good movie worth an evening at the cinema.

The Official trailer
The making of Jack Reacher


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Visit from Radio

Today ”That Choir” got a visit from Mats Ingels. He recorded us, when we sang.

Listen to the radio P4: Thursday- 24 January -15.00. It will be interestesting to hear what it sounds like.

About gospel consert/Elvis: “Brus & Kompani”

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King Lear

“- It is the stars, the stars above us, govern our conditions.”
– Shakespeare

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Winter feeling

I am fascinated by the fact that one light can bring warmth and good feelings into a room. I found this candle when I visited “Romme Alpin”.

The winter becomes a little warmer if you lit a light.


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“Romme Alpin”

When the weather is grey it is nice with some colours.
I photographed some colourful ski helmets in a shop.

Maybe it is good that people have different colours on their helmets. With all the big cloths they all look the same in the slope. Colours can help one snowman find another one./Anneli 🙂

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12 Degrees Celsius


How cold is 12 degrees Celsius? It is so cold that it is nice to find a fire. Downhill skiing is not my thing, but to find a fireplace to sit down by is a good thing. Romme Alpin had advantages that I did not expect.


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Romme Alpin

Ski resort

When you ask young people what they know about Borlänge they start to talk about two things: ”Romme Alpin” & the Peace & Love festival.

Romme Alpin is a ski resort. It is located 13 kilometres outside Borlänge in Dalarna. Today I have been a tourist in my own town and looked at all the new accommodations that recently have been built.

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Spring signs


Went out and locked for signs of spring, but it were cold and snowy. I ended up photographing the neighbour’s flower in the window.

Last year the spring came 27th of March.

How long do we have to wait this time? Went to a travel agency and bought two tickets.

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Twelth Night

Twelth Night is here.

The last New Year’s dinner is eaten. The last Christmas concert is seen.

Christmas time is a good time of the year. Somehow you never want it to end. 🙂


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