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Light Show

Movie Theme

This year Boomtown’s light show had movie theme. The light show has become a welcome tradition. Light can change an environment totally. A grey town can get quite impressive. It looked like batman and superman had arrived to Borlänge. Film in Dalarna showed short films. New talents from the project Upcoming showed their work. A lot of creativity was shown this evening.

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Three Academy Awards to Sweden… Congratulations! /Anneli

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Frozen Lake

A Sunny Day

A lot of people come to Dalecarlia during the winter sports holiday. This is what it looks like right now.

Today was a sunny day. I took a walk on a frozen lake.

In the winter there are roads that do not exist in the summer.

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Jalla Dansa Sawa …

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Mighty Voices

New Name
“That Choir” has got a name and logotype. The name is now Mighty Voices. Petra Kvännå known from “Körslaget”/Choir Battle has given us a lot to live up to. A goal is always good.


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Tobias Karlsson


Today I put on my dance shoes again. Tobias Karlsson known from Let’s Dance visited Borlänge. He held a workshop. It was one hour Latin and one hour Disco dance. It was a fun class to take. I hope he will come back to Borlänge to have more workshops. /Anneli

Ps. DT – Article in newspaper

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Impressive formations!

This is not the North Pole or South Pole. It is “Dalecarlia”.

We have a lot of ice right now.


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Who will we send to the Eurovision Contest?
Maybe Martin Rolinski that gave this part competition some feeling of Modern Talking. /Anneli 🙂 Ps. State of drama is in the final in the Melody Festival with the beautiful song “Falling”. Eddie Razaz should still be in the competition.
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Snow everywhere!

This is a genuine Dalecarlia winter.

Home Sweet home!


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Will it be Spring soon?

Icicles can be quite impressive to watch. They are formed when water are dripping from an object. It gives some hope that it soon will be spring.

Ice is something that is interesting to photograph, because it changes all the time.

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