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I went north and it is still a lot of snow and ice.

Ice is fascinating. The lake becomes a mirror.

The last days of the winter can be quite beautiful.


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Happy Easter

Good Friday is the most silent day of the year. The shop closes and the noise disappear.

This is what it looked like in one of the shops a few days ago. A lot of creativity to make the visitors happy.


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“Blåsippa”/ Hepatica

The first hepatica is here and suddenly it is spring. The sun is shining and the snow is melting. It is time to smile.
/Anneli 🙂

Spring Signs
The spring is here

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Who will knock on your door?

The Easter is soon here. I like colourful feathers. If you are lucky tomorrow you will be able to see witches and cute rabbits. Imagination can take you far and someone you did not expect might knock on your door. A Happy Easter to everyone!

/Anneli 🙂

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Make a change

To think about the environment is important. Believe that everything you do can make a little change. Leave the car at home, when the sun is shining. Buy ecological food, that is produced in the neighbourhood. Remember to turn out the light before you leave home. What can you do?


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Earth Hour

Earth hour 2013: Saturday March 8.30 PM

Borlänge will turn out the light. People will meet in “Liljekvistska parken” and hope for a brighter future. Earth is waiting for a better environment. Let  us open a window to a better world.

Earth Hour

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Frosty Windows


Frosty windows can be fascinating. Ice flowers on a frosted window can be beautiful.

The winter wonderland is still here and there are no signs of spring. It is cold winds and a lot of snow. Frosty mornings make the winter special.

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Pirate ship

The pirate ships in Borlänge are few, but if you have good imagination you might see one. A reflection in a window of something quite ordinary can be a door to another world.

I wonder what the ships mission is. Maybe it is just a friendly ship on the mission rescue. It sails into the sunset.

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Ruud van Empel

“Fotografiska “ is the Swedish Museum of Photography. Right now there is an exhibition with the Dutch photographer ”Ruud van Empel”. He works a lot with digital photography. The photographer compiles hundreds of photographic fragments.

Van Empels’s world is full of children. It is a paradisiacal world of beauty, reality and imagination. It was interesting to see his work. It is extraordinary.

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Modern Times

Blue Light

Central Station is the largest railway station in Sweden. It has been rebuilt and got some new light. Stockholm Central Station 2013 reflect the modern time.

Light can make loot for the right feeling. It is not just the winter that makes it blue. I wonder what they come up with next time I visit Stockholm.

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