April 2013

Last April

Fire Last April is the last day of the winter. It rained earlier today, but this did not seem to be a problem. Spring is here! Fires can be seen […]

Holographic Image

Framtidsmuseet/The Future Museum/Science Centre Holographic Images are interesting. A skeleton on a bike is not what you expect to find in a museum with the main theme the future. It […]

Space Exhibition

Framtidsmuseet/The Future Museum/Science Centre The museum has been rebuilt and got some new exhibitions. One is about space. They show a movie about how it is to live in a […]


Traditional Market Here are some thoughts from the balcony. Yesterday it finally was warm enough to start to use the balcony. Went to the traditional market in Norberg and found […]

Fornby Photo: Facebook

People in Fors Fornby Photo also has a Facebook page. Yesterday the photographer Berit Djuse held a lecture about here new book ”Folk och fä i Fors”/People and animals in […]

Mighty Voices: Facebook

Mighty Voices It is spring in the air. The sun has shined all weekend. The choir ”Mighty Voices” has got its own page on Facebook. Some crazy pictures from today’s […]

One of the world’s best choreographer: Vincent Paterson. He is known for his work with Michael Jackson and Madonna.

Summer Events

The summer in “Dalarna” is full of events: “Musik vid Siljan”/Music at Lake Siljan 2013: This event begins with Charlotte Perrelli and ends with Mighty Voices! Remember the 23-27 June. […]

Doreen & André

Home Family Energy/ ”Hem Familj Energi”/Falun: Do something you have not done before. For me that was to visit the exhibition: Home Family Energy. I looked at a talk show […]


“Maskros”/ Dandelion It is still a very cold spring, but one flower thinks that it is summer. I found this dandelion one week ago. It gives some hope for warmer […]