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FlowersLet’s Dance

I like the time of the year when the nights are bright. I like the morning dew and the colours of the summer. This is the best time of the year. Tonight is the final of Let’s Dance. I hope for Oscar Zia. /Anneli

Let’s Dance Kista
Cecilia Ehrling

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Filmfestival 2013


If you look at the Internet it looks like: Peace & Love Film Festival still is a reason for people to come to Borlänge. Correct me if  I’m wrong./Anneli 🙂

Peace & Love Film
Film in Dalarna
Film Festival 2012
Mani Maserrat

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Voice Yoga

yogaCentre for the music industry

Borlänge is a town full of music. No festival this year, but still a centre for the music industry. Today I took my second voice yoga lesson. It is an interesting form of Yoga. Petra Kvännå combined music a yoga in a harmonic way.

For those who still want to visit a festival in “Dalarna” I recommend: Music at Siljan.

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Magnus Carlsson RosellaMagnus Carlsson

Magnus Carlsson performed on Rosella yesterday. He sang songs from Barbados and some unexpected songs like Michelangelo.It was a good and happy summer show.
The lions do not sleep.
/Anneli : -)

Ps. Victory: Glorious

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mighty voices

Mighty Voices
Mighty Voices and I made our first gig at a conference last evening. The conference took place in Galaxen in Borlänge. About 500 persons participated in the conference.

We sang “The Rose”, “Yes we can”, “Higher” and “I can see clearly”.


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Hidden Language

Martha Graham quote
“Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body.”

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Venture Cup BerwaldhallenVenture Cup: The 16th of May one of Venture Cup’s regional finals took place in Berwaldhallen. Victoria Egler is the founder of the branding agency: The Perfect Brands. She was interviewed concerning one of her client: Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Victoria thinks that everything is possible and that the most important is often to say no to things that do not build up the brand. Another interesting speaker was Niklas Adalberth the founder of the company: Klarna. It was an evening full of interesting ideas and companies.
Venture Cup 2009

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Eurovision Contest

minimelloWe write the story
Tonight Eurovison Contest has arrived to Malmö. Petra Mede is the host. In a few hours we will know if Robin won. Will “You” go to the top. ABBA’s own Björn and Benny have composed the introduction melody: “We write the story”. The song is as masterpiece, as usual. In the entrance of Sweden’s Television I found this symbol for the children’s own Melody Festival.

Last year’s winner: Loreen is the winner

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ABBA the Museum

A new museum has opened in Stockholm: ABBA the Museum.
I visited the museum recently and it was a fun experience. To see all the exclusive scene costumes, the studio and the gold records were fantastic. ABBA the Museum is also a high tech multimedia experience. You can in different ways test to be the fifth member.
It is a museum worth a second visit.

ABBA the Museum

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Beautiful horses

Circus Brazil Jack/Cirkus Brazil Jack

It easy to get a bit horse crazy, when watching Circus Brazil Jack’s beautiful horses. I had to publish one more picture of those beautiful and intelligent creatures.

Intelligent elephants
Circus in town

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