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A lot of rain in Borlänge today! /Anneli 🙂

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The Circus

Circus Scott is in Falun. Today I swam 3000 metres. On my way from the pool I saw a sea lion. It was in the backseat of a car. I have seen a dinosaur in a shopping wagon, but this I have not seen before. It is obvious that Circus Scott is in Falun.

The picture is from Circus Brazil Jack.

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Tropical Heat

The sun is shining in Falun/Borlänge today. 🙂

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Avesta Art

Avesta ArtHeart & Brain

In Avesta there is a centre for modern art. This year it is possible to look at 13 artists. Avesta Art also has an exhibition with Alfons Åberg. In Sweden he is a very well known fairytale character.

Avesta Art is located in an old industry. A visit is also a good way to experience industrial history. The picture is from another year.

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Wisex“Dansbandsveckan”: Yesterday I took two dance lessons with Tony Irving in Swing: West Coast Swing and East Coast Swing. It was a fun classes to take. After three hours I now know the basic of the dance.

Wizex performed in Grönlandsparken. Miss Decibel was the best song. It was a sunny day.

/Anneli Fors 🙂

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flower_orangeNice weather

It has been a good day to take a ride on the bike. In the evening it was possible to swim.

In the morning the weather was cold, but in the afternoon the sun finally came back.

I hope for more sunny days./Anneli 🙂

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Water Lily



Happiness is to find a beautiful lake in summer time. Happiness is to find wild strawberries. Happiness is to eat blueberries in a forest.

It is the simple things in life that matter. Take care of the world. To breath fresh air is important.

/Anneli 🙂


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Brolle Jr


The dance week in Malung takes place week 29 each year. I went to the town to buy new dance shoes.

Brolle Jr performed in Grönlandsparken. He sang a lot of Elvis hits. The scene language and singing took to the audience back to the good old days of the 50’s. It was a nice show.

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Falu Coppermine

Falu GruvaTourist Attraction

Falun is Borlänge’s nearest town. In the summer there are a lot to do in Falun. One of the main attractions is Falu Coppermine.

It is a fantastic and fascinating landscape. The mine is worth a visit.

It gives you an insight how people used to live in the history.

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Warm Evening

It is nice to swim. It has been a few warm evenings by the pool. 🙂

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