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Rush Hour

You know that people are back from their vacation, when you end up in the best rush hour in the Stockholm Subway. 🙂

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Opera Trailer

ivan_amora_foto_i_annan_himmel_anneli_fors“I annan himmel”/ In another sky

Ivan and Amora ha come to life. The first trailer is here. In the new film: Karl Rombo & Karin Ingebäck. In the photos I took a few months ago:
Models: Joacim S. & Elena Light: Per Leijström
Make Up: Therese Mikkola
In another sky

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Sunny Day

It just another sunny day in Borlänge.

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TexacoNostalgic days

In the Borlänge it was nostalgic days. I went to Norberg to find more modern things, but ended up more nostalgic than ever. The Eco Museum Bergslagen in Norberg has a lot of old and strange things to see. This is in front of an old gas station. Maybe thing were more beautiful in the old days?

/Anneli 🙂

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Eco Museum

mirror_lake_norbergEco Museum Bergslagen

This weekend I made a journey through time and visited the Eco Museum Bergslagen in Norberg

I found this beautiful lake. In a mirror everything looks a little bit different. You can always find a fairytale in the ordinary life.

/Anneli 🙂

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New Adventures

Mighty VoicesMighty Voices

The autumn is soon is here and it is time for Mighty Voices to go on new adventures. One year with Mighty Voices and a lot has happen:  the Grand Final of Music at Siljan and Gospel according to Elvis. We in the choir look forward to what will happen next.

Petra Kvännå

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Dramatic Sky

Dramatic SkyNature Scenes

The end of the summer can be dramatic. Rain is in the air, but you can see the sun through the clouds.

I like those nature scenes that start your imagination.

What will happen next? Will it be a storm?

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The summer is still here. There are still a lot of strawberries to buy.

Today they celebrate mother’s day in Thailand. Each year people from Thailand gather in “Mellsta Parken”.

For the rest of us it is a lot of good food, but the strawberries you have to buy elsewhere. A little bit like going to Thailand I guess.

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I had a nice weekend in Stockholm. I looked at “Sommarkrysset”/Summer cross. It is a Swedish teve show. Performing artists were Hästpojken, Danny Saucedo, Miriam Bryant, Magnus Carlsson and Sylver Logan Sharp. The artist gave us this year’s show. The camera was at home, but the mobilphone works just fine.


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