August 2013

You know that people are back from their vacation, when you end up in the best rush hour in the Stockholm Subway. 🙂

Opera Trailer

“I annan himmel”/ In another sky Ivan and Amora ha come to life. The first trailer is here. In the new film: Karl Rombo & Karin Ingebäck. In the photos I […]

It just another sunny day in Borlänge.


Nostalgic days In the Borlänge it was nostalgic days. I went to Norberg to find more modern things, but ended up more nostalgic than ever. The Eco Museum Bergslagen in Norberg […]

Eco Museum

Eco Museum Bergslagen This weekend I made a journey through time and visited the Eco Museum Bergslagen in Norberg I found this beautiful lake. In a mirror everything looks a […]

New Adventures

Mighty Voices The autumn is soon is here and it is time for Mighty Voices to go on new adventures. One year with Mighty Voices and a lot has happen: […]

Dramatic Sky

Nature Scenes The end of the summer can be dramatic. Rain is in the air, but you can see the sun through the clouds. I like those nature scenes that […]


Summer The summer is still here. There are still a lot of strawberries to buy. Today they celebrate mother’s day in Thailand. Each year people from Thailand gather in “Mellsta […]


Saturday I had a nice weekend in Stockholm. I looked at “Sommarkrysset”/Summer cross. It is a Swedish teve show. Performing artists were Hästpojken, Danny Saucedo, Miriam Bryant, Magnus Carlsson and […]