September 2013

Mighty Voices: The rehearsal for the winter concert has started./Anneli


 Jubilation Gladiators of the music and athletic world meet in a music explosion. Dogge Doggelito & Magnus Carlsson performed in a well known sport shop in Stockholm. In the audience […]

The Opening

New Area: This week a lot of stores have opened in Borlänge: Jula, Clas Ohlsson & Intersport. Some people call the street outside the new stores the Lucky Street. When they closed […]

Mighty Acoustics

Magasinet I and the rest of Mighty Voices performed in Magasinet. The acoustics was magnificent. It was a lot of nice art look at and a lot of interesting people in […]

Art in Dalecarlia

Magasinet in Falun Do not miss Mighty Voices, Marita Ulvskog and a lot of art. Mighty Voices performes: 17.00. Vernissage: “Magasinet” Facebook Mighty Voices  

International Market

New Flags Today the French,English and Italian flag was waved at ”Sveatorget”. It was an international market.  The candies had colours that you would not see in Sweden: orange, pink […]


The third Season The third season is here. I have to admit that it is autumn. I found some mushrooms. It is raining. It is leaf on the ground. This […]


Summer Borlänge had a very fogy morning, but it is nice when the sun breaks through the clouds. Apples are a symbol for the autumn: red, green and sometimes yellow. […]


Walk in the Sun I took a long walk in the sun in Borlänge today. This sunflower I found in my backyard. It is nice light in the beginning of the […]

The sun was shining in Västerås today. Good to get one more sunny weekend. /Anneli 🙂