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Mighty Voices: The rehearsal for the winter concert has started./Anneli

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Magnus Carlsson Jubilation

Gladiators of the music and athletic world meet in a music explosion. Dogge Doggelito & Magnus Carlsson performed in a well known sport shop in Stockholm. In the audience it was a lot of gladiators. I have not seen any gladiators since they stopped invading “Kupolen”. /Anneli Fors 🙂

Mobile photo: Anneli Fors ©

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The Opening

blomma_magasinetNew Area: This week a lot of stores have opened in Borlänge: Jula, Clas Ohlsson & Intersport. Some people call the street outside the new stores the Lucky Street. When they closed Jula it was a 4 hours queue. Borlänge is still waiting for the grand opening of IKEA. I am waiting for the new queue record. Forex might also end up in Borlänge. It was cold, so I left the camera at home. This beautiful flower is from the exhibition at Magasinet. I wish all the new stores the best. /Anneli 🙂

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Mighty Acoustics


I and the rest of Mighty Voices performed in Magasinet. The acoustics was magnificent. It was a lot of nice art look at and a lot of interesting people in the audience.

This is what it looked like when Mighty Voices performed at Open Stage this summer. Somebody secretly filmed us: Mighty Voices.

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Art in Dalecarlia

magasinetMagasinet in Falun

Do not miss Mighty Voices, Marita Ulvskog and a lot of art.
Mighty Voices performes: 17.00.

Vernissage: “Magasinet”
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International Market

international_marketNew Flags

Today the French,English and Italian flag was waved at ”Sveatorget”.

It was an international market.  The candies had colours that you would not see in Sweden: orange, pink and green. A lot of cheeses with names I have not heard before. This weekend the traditional market in Borlänge will take place.

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MushroomThe third Season

The third season is here.

I have to admit that it is autumn. I found some mushrooms. It is raining. It is leaf on the ground.

This is not a mushroom for eating./Anneli

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Borlänge had a very fogy morning, but it is nice when the sun breaks through the clouds.

Apples are a symbol for the autumn: red, green and sometimes yellow. In Borlänge it is still summer.

/Anneli 🙂

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sunflower_2013Walk in the Sun

I took a long walk in the sun in Borlänge today. This sunflower I found in my backyard. It is nice light in the beginning of the autumn. On bright item can make the whole photo shine.
/Anneli 🙂

Doreen Sunflower

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The sun was shining in Västerås today. Good to get one more sunny weekend.
/Anneli 🙂

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