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Christmas Night

This years Christmas concert highlight took place in Falun last evening. Three of Swedens best singers Jessica Andersson, Sonja Aldén och Magnus Carlsson visited Falun. Sonja gave us the essentials of Christmas. Jessica made us thinks of those have less. Magnus made us happy. It is good that Magnus Carlsson once again writes new material. This time he gave us a Christmas in Motown. When he sang Ave Maria the applause was endless. This is the best way to start Christmas.

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It is a windy day in Borlänge. I hope for better weather in the area tomorrow.

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Instagram “Fotografiska”

knut_fotografiska_instagram“Fotomässan 2013”: Knut Koivisto is the man that administrates the Instagram for “Fotografiska”. Knut talked about how it is possible to be seen in the noise on Internet. He believes that the difference between Instagram and Facebook is that pictures on Instagram must work tree months ahead. Facebook is more about news. His experience is that portraits do not work on Instagram. A Sunset gets the most comments on Instagram. To get the best pictures on Instagram you need a camera with Wi-Fi to send your pictures to your mobile./Anneli

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Action Photo Area

Cycle“Fotomässan 2013”

Top athletes in parkour, cycle trial and slackline performed. This was one of the most visited areas. I got a lot of photos that I did not expect to get. One good thing about “Fotomässan” is that you get surprised./Anneli

Fotomässan 2012
Fotomässan 2011

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To bee seen

David Lagerlöf“Fotomässan 2013”

It is always interesting to get some new inspiration. I listened to two lectures about social media. David Lagerlöf was one of those two. David is known for his portrait of Stieg Larsson in the Millennium Trilogy. David has also got his pictures published in Aftonbladet. Today it is important to be seen. David gives as a few tips about how to be successful in social media:

  • To be seen you need to communicate.
  • To market your self you need to know that Google loves You Tube.
  • Photographic quality is important. Gray and boring pictures does not work.


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Photo Day

“Stockholmsmässan/ Fotomässan 2013”: I had an interesting day in Älvsjö./Anneli

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Water Reflection

Water ReflectionMirror

This is another photo from the weekend. If you look closely you can find pictures that you did not expect.



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Low Autumn Sun


It gets dark fast this time of the year. This is photographed yesterday just before the sunset.

I like the warm light.


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The IKEA fever has decreased. The cues are not so long anymore. This flower is from last weeks shopping round. It looks nice in a picture. Vote for a better world in the Water Aid Campaign:

/Anneli 🙂

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Opera Documentary

Amora”I annan himmel”/In another sky

The opera In another sky is under construction. Recently a new documentary was released. It is about how a new opera is made. Amora and Ivan have developed from text, music, photos into real characters. The photo of Amora is from the first promotion pictures I photographed for the opera.

New Opera Documentary

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