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crystalsShopping Centre 

Last week I visited Karlstad. In the rainy weather I took shelter in one of the shopping centres. Places like that used to be quite boring, but now designers have put their touch to them. This chrystal lamp is just one example. Just before I left the town the famous sun came.


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“Everything you can Imagine is real.”/Pablo Picasso

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WaterGood Week

What a week it has been. Princess Madeleine och Mr Christopher O’Neill got a daughter.I hope that the little princess will get the best life. Earlier tonight the figure skating show took place. For me that is the highlight of the Olympic Games. The last part of the melody festival takes place now. Alcazar, Bengtzing and Ewald are possible winners this time.

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Blue Lake

Blue SkyJönköping

Same Same:
It is fascinating that sometimes when you travel far, it still looks like your own surroundings. The beach in Jönköping looks a lot like Rättvik. A blue lake with a lot of blue mountains.


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Strandpromenad i JönköpingVättern

They have the most beautiful sky in Jönköping. It was my first stop in the town.

It would be nice to visit Jönköping in the summer, when Vättern and the weather are warmer.


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Barbados ReunionBarbados

Barbados reunion with their most charismatic singer was totally hysterical. 5000 people had gathered in the Elmia arena in Jönköping. It time to call Barbados Sweden’s best pop band instead of dance band. The front Mathias Lager, Magnus Carlsson and Peter Samuelsson were in their best shape. The music, show and dance, were the best. I hope to see a reunion in Dalecarlia also./Anneli


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Yes We Can

I hope for Oscar Zia or Ace Wilder in this part of the Melody Festival./Anneli

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zanzibarVolunteer Zanzibar

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Recently I finished a website: Volunteer Zanzibar.

I got some appreciation a few days ago.  It is good to know that there are people with a good heart.


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They heard me. Herreys arrived in all their glory./Anneli 🙂

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New Year HelsinkiFestival

Melody Festival: Martin Stenmark had the best lyrics tonight.

Good with a celebration for ABBA and Herreys. Where are Richard Herrey, Agnetha Fältskog and the rest?

The photo is from Helsinki.

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