February 2014


Shopping Centre  Last week I visited Karlstad. In the rainy weather I took shelter in one of the shopping centres. Places like that used to be quite boring, but now designers […]

“Everything you can Imagine is real.”/Pablo Picasso


Good Week What a week it has been. Princess Madeleine och Mr Christopher O’Neill got a daughter.I hope that the little princess will get the best life. Earlier tonight the […]

Blue Lake

Jönköping Same Same: It is fascinating that sometimes when you travel far, it still looks like your own surroundings. The beach in Jönköping looks a lot like Rättvik. A blue […]


Vättern They have the most beautiful sky in Jönköping. It was my first stop in the town. It would be nice to visit Jönköping in the summer, when Vättern and […]


Barbados Barbados reunion with their most charismatic singer was totally hysterical. 5000 people had gathered in the Elmia arena in Jönköping. It time to call Barbados Sweden’s best pop band […]

I hope for Oscar Zia or Ace Wilder in this part of the Melody Festival./Anneli


Volunteer Zanzibar Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Recently I finished a website: Volunteer Zanzibar. I got some appreciation a few days ago.  It is good to know that there are people with a good […]

They heard me. Herreys arrived in all their glory./Anneli 🙂


Festival Melody Festival: Martin Stenmark had the best lyrics tonight. Good with a celebration for ABBA and Herreys. Where are Richard Herrey, Agnetha Fältskog and the rest? The photo is […]