March 2014

New Colours

Easter In a few weeks it will be Easter. This year the daffodils bloom early. It is nice when the nature gets colour again. The sun has been shining all […]


Barbados Tonight Borlänge got a welcome visit from Barbados. This time they arrived with Björn Lagerström as the main singer. It was an evening with a lot of hits. The […]


Borlänge The sun is shining in Borlänge! Coat off! First ride on the bicycle! A lot of spring flowers! What a day! It is easy to smile! / Anneli

New Zoo

Stores It happens a lot in Borlänge at the moment. A lot of new stores have opened. Rusta was first, but now is Team Portia, “Arken Zoo”, “Sova”, “Hööks” and […]

Spring weekend

Simple It has been a sunny and calm weekend. Sometimes it is just nice to look up to the sky. It never looks the same. Simple things can look nice […]

Mighty Voices Tonight Mighty Voices, a few from Good Vibes and Petra Kvännå performed for the Universities of Sweden. We are now all safe from the snow chaos./Anneli


Birds There is an island that birds find very interesting. Usually I have just passed it without a camera, but this time the island could not get a way. I […]


Birka Ms Stockholm If I had this view everyday I would be in paradise all the time. Glittering water makes me happy. I booked at ticket and did not know […]


Silence I think that t is nice to get away a few days from my everyday life. Birka Ms Stockholm has a nice spa with a good view. Silence is […]


“Fotografiska” I visited “Fotografiska” this Saturday. At the moment it is a lot of strange, but interesting exhibitions going on. Two examples are Ballen’s Theater of the Absurd and Julia […]