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New Colours


In a few weeks it will be Easter. This year the daffodils bloom early. It is nice when the nature gets colour again. The sun has been shining all weekend.

Wish all the best next week!


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Tonight Borlänge got a welcome visit from Barbados. This time they arrived with Björn Lagerström as the main singer. It was an evening with a lot of hits. The biggest surprise: Mattias Lager’s perfect version of Angels./Anneli

Robbie Williams – Angels

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yellow flowerBorlänge

The sun is shining in Borlänge! Coat off! First ride on the bicycle!

A lot of spring flowers!

What a day! It is easy to smile!

/ Anneli

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New Zoo


It happens a lot in Borlänge at the moment. A lot of new stores have opened. Rusta was first, but now is Team Portia, “Arken Zoo”, “Sova”, “Hööks” and CT Homes also have opened. The best with the new shopping area in Borlänge is that we have got more food to choose from. On Saturday it is Earth Hour. It is a reminder for us all in this galaxy. /Anneli

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Spring weekend


It has been a sunny and calm weekend. Sometimes it is just nice to look up to the sky. It never looks the same.

Simple things can look nice in a picture.


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Mighty Voices
Tonight Mighty Voices, a few from Good Vibes and Petra Kvännå performed for the Universities of Sweden. We are now all safe from the snow chaos./Anneli

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There is an island that birds find very interesting. Usually I have just passed it without a camera, but this time the island could not get a way. I had the possibility to take some photos of the lonely Island and all the birds.


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SeaBirka Ms Stockholm

If I had this view everyday I would be in paradise all the time. Glittering water makes me happy. I booked at ticket and did not know what entertainment to expect. Arvingarna played onboard. They have a good show that covered everything from schlager to hardrock. Eloise was of course part of the show.

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Blue FlowersSilence

I think that t is nice to get away a few days from my everyday life. Birka Ms Stockholm has a nice spa with a good view.

Silence is sometimes a gift.


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I visited “Fotografiska” this Saturday. At the moment it is a lot of strange, but interesting exhibitions going on. Two examples are Ballen’s Theater of the Absurd and Julia Fullerton-Batten Staged Reality.


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