July 2014


Together The show Together has a good purpuse it collects money for Bris. I like the Barbados medley. It is nice that the audience can participate. Together is a good show […]


Together The tour Together came to Örebro. This time the guest artist was Shirley Clamp. She sang a beautiful duet with Magnus Carlsson: ”Time of my Life”. The famous final […]

Good Design

Kolmården If every paper bin looked like this people would use it more often. They would not trough away things in the wood. What the world need is more design. […]


Kolmården It is not often I photograph a god. They are difficult to find. Anubis is a powerful one. Some believe that he is the son of the sun god […]

King’s Elephants

Kolmården The king has two elephants. They live in Kolmården. He got them as a present from the king in Thailand. Everyday the elephants have the possibility to go on […]

Gondola Lift

Kolmården Last weekend I visited Kolmården. One of the most fun experience is the gondola lift. I got a ride in the giraffe. From the gondola it was possible to […]

Marine World

Kolmården This years best water show can just now be seen in Kolmården. The show is called Life and the stars is of course dolphines. A mighty multimedia show that […]


Kolmården I have always liked dolpines. The dolphines in Kolmården are nice creatures. They are more easy to photograph than those in nature. /Anneli

Gigant screen

Together/Tillsammans 4000 people came to see Magnus Carlsson and Linda Bengtzing in Gävle. I gigant screen helped the the audience in the back to participate. It was a show with […]


Together/ ”Tillsammans” It was a sunny evening and a lot of dance along, that I liked. Bengtzing danced bugg with some in the audience. The Alcazar moves looked a little […]