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Photographed a few horses this summer.

Friends can make all the diffrence.

Wonder what they talk about in the meadow ?

/Anneli 🙂

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Calle Kindbom”Kom Hem”

”Artist Jakten”/Artist Hunt: The man behind hits like VĂ€rld utanför/The world outside, Kom Hem/Come Home and Show me heaven came to BorlĂ€nge today. His name is Calle Kindbom. He was looking for talents. Good singers took the first three places.


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New Plans


Sunset is beautiful in the autumn. The light is low, but the head is full of new plans. You plan for something, but everything turns out in another way.

Have a happy autumn!


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600 Posts

Today I celebrate 600 posts. /Anneli

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Hip Hop

Culture FestivalWe Are Sthlm

Saturday it was a big hip hop festival in KungstrÀdgÄrden.

Artists/groups like Panda Da Panda and Madi Banji performed.

An intensive light show in KungstrÀdgÄrden.


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Sing Along

Wahlgren CarlssonStockholm

Sing along is popular this summer. The final for sing along on FjÀderholmarna was sparkling show with Magnus Carlsson and Pernilla Wahlgren.  Magnus and Pernilla closed the show with a two dance along songs: Dancing Queen and Come Home.

– Björn and Benny if you write another musical; I have two names to recommend./Anneli 🙂

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Light CubeNats Nus Dansa

Acrobatics can be fascinating. Nats Nus Dansa is dancing and making dangerous moves in a cube filled with light.

It is a culture festival in Stockholm right now. A very creative and beautiful show.


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Double Rainbow

Dubble RainbowTrain

I catched a two rainbows from the train.

A double rainbow is unusual.

Lucky moment! 🙂


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VÀsterÄs CityVÀsterÄs

Things look diffrent and a little bit better from above. I like this view of VÀsterÄs.

What would the world be without visions.


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Robin Williams

Movies_GĂ€vle Today

Some headlines are not funny. One of the worldÂŽs best actors/comedians is dead. I remember Robin Williams for his role as Peter Pan in Hook. His break through in Mork & Mindy made me laugh. I think that WilliamÂŽs role in Dead Poets Society is his best.


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