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Lager 157 opened reasently.

Funny numbers runned around in Kupolen.

It is good that we now can shop in the neighbourhood.


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Real Estate Fair


Last weekend I visited the real estate fair on Galaxy.

A lot of tips and tricks about how to get your real estate in shape. Sunny weather at sea, but a lot of rain in Stockholm.


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Magnus Carlsson visited Örebro/Ritz  between his travels to the US and India.

It was a good disco show and a lively audience. Magnus was at his best shape and the show had lot of good chorography.


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sol_höstlöv_2-3 Blogging again

I hope I did not keep you waiting to long.

Windows has a problem with updating.

Everything is in order again.


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“Knowledge is Power”.

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New Project

simbaHappy Fellow

When you start a new project it is
always nice to have good company.

This happy fellow came for a visit. He is a cute one.


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Five ants is more than four elephants…

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sunflower 2014Weekend

The sun has shined all weekend. Here comes this years sunflower. I voted today. It is easier a few days earlier. The ques are not as long.

I hope you all have enjoyed your weekend.


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FiolMighty Voices

Now we in Mighty Voices begin to repeat a new reportair.

It won´t be any violines, but a lot of happiness.

Happy autumn!


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