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Dear Readers

star (1 av 1)New Year
It is time to review the past year. Time to look ahead and express new goals. It is time for best wishes. I wish you all the best, joy and healthiness for 2015. I would like to express to yo my deepest gratitude for reading by blog. Thank you all that visited Mighty Voices Concerts. I hope to see you all next year. It is easy to just sit down a wait for the world to change. Make it happen instead. Happy New Year! Watch us in more action: Mighty Voices.

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In Action

Winter ConcertMighty Voices and André de Lang in action/Anneli

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frost (1 av 1)Mighty Voices

On the way to the Winter Concert the landscape was magnificant. I like frosty trees and the white chrystals.

It is no wonder that Father Christmas lives in Mora.


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Same Old Story

André de Lang-1Winter Consert

This year the guest artist was André de Lang. The photo is from the sound check.

André is known for the hit: Same Old Story. Björn Skifs has made the Swedish version: ”Håll mitt hjärta”.


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Sun Island

Flowers-1-3Winter Concert/ Vinterkonsert 2014

We in Mighty Voices, Petra Kvännå, André de Lang, Putte Snitt, Olle Nyberg and an orcestra performed yesterday in Sollerö church.

Every seat was filled. We had a wonderful audience that danced. It is good when the audience clap along. As last year it was a joyful experience./Anneli

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Christmas Time


I wish you a merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

I wish you all a good time with your beloved ones.

I wish you all the best.

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Christmas Present


Those that are professional in gift wraping can make your day.

I think the one that gets this present will be happy.

Three days until Christmas.


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Finally Snow


Before I left Stockholm the snow fell. Maybe there is a chance of a white Christmas.

Here in Dalecarlia it is a lot of ice.


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Pingvin-1Central Station

Sometimes you run into things you did not expect. One might be a penguin on the central station. Marketing of new movies can sometimes make you smile. I hope you all will enjoy the weekend before Christmas.


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Light Elks


In December the streets are filled with lights.

This is the first year I see light elks in Stockholm.

I wonder what they will come up with next year.

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