May 2015


“Vallmo” It has been raining all weekend. Flowers that not yet are blooming can be beautiful. /Anneli


“Bullerforsen” The last spring sign can be magnificant. “Bullerforsen” is a powerful rapid. Right now Let’s Dance. I hope Anton Hysen will win. /Anneli


Borlänge Water reflections can be interesting, a natural mirror. You never know what you will find in the water. It is good to use your imagination sometimes. /Anneli

Congratulation! I send a thought to one of my previous dance teachers Fredrik “Benke” Rydman (Bounce). He is one of two men behind Måns Zelmerlöw’s great chorograhy./Anneli


Eurovsion Song Contest The best man won Eurovision Song Contest last night. I am happy that I got to see the Melody Festival live. This is what it looked like when […]

Congratulation! We are the heros of our time./Anneli


Stockholm Sometimes you get happy to see something different. Last night we in Mighty Voices had the last choir practice for this season. It always feels a bit empty. /Anneli


Cinderella Magnus Carlsson performed in front of a massive and enthusiastic audience. He sang his international mega hit: “Möt mig i Gamla Stan”. It was a very good show. /Anneli

Dalecarlia is nice in the spring, but sometimes you want to see what is behind the mountains./Anneli


Apple  A symbol for of visdom and knowledge. The first few days without winter jacket. I simple symbol can have a lot of power. /Anneli