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Valmo (1 av 1)“Vallmo”

It has been raining all weekend.

Flowers that not yet are blooming
can be beautiful.


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The last spring sign can be magnificant.
“Bullerforsen” is a powerful rapid.

Right now Let’s Dance.

I hope Anton Hysen will win.


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reflection (1 av 1)Borlänge

Water reflections can be interesting, a natural mirror.

You never know what you will find in the water.

It is good to use your imagination sometimes.


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I send a thought to one of my previous dance teachers Fredrik “Benke” Rydman (Bounce).
He is one of two men behind Måns Zelmerlöw’s great chorograhy./Anneli

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Måns Zelmerlöw (1 av 1)Eurovsion Song Contest

The best man won Eurovision Song Contest last night. I am happy that I got to see the Melody Festival live. This is what it looked like when Måns visited Stinsen after his victory in Sweden.

Wish Måns Zelmerlöw all the best on his victory tour.


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Congratulation! We are the heros of our time./Anneli

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ship (1 av 1)Stockholm
Sometimes you get happy to see
something different. Last night we in
Mighty Voices had the last choir practice
for this season. It always feels a
bit empty.


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Magnus Carlsson Cinderella (1 av 1)Cinderella
Magnus Carlsson performed in front of a
massive and enthusiastic audience.
He sang his international mega hit:
“Möt mig i Gamla Stan”.
It was a very good show.


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Dalecarlia is nice in the spring, but sometimes you want to
see what is behind the mountains./Anneli

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apple (1 av 1)Apple

 A symbol for of visdom and knowledge.

The first few days without winter jacket.
I simple symbol can have a lot of power.


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