July 2015


Flower When you look close you see things you did not expect. It is a rainy and cold summer. I hope for a better August. /Anneli

Quate “Be unite like the rain, be powerful like the ocean.”/Abed Rajmani

Sun & Rain

Rose This weekend has been warm, but also a lot of rain. I have kept up the swimming this summer. It is an effective way of training. /Anneli


Avesta Today it has been a lot of sun, a lot of rain and a lot of clouds. This kind of weather can be dramatic in a picture. /Anneli


Diggeloo Dalhalla I found this nice, but unusual decoration in Dalhalla. What is the story behind it? /Anneli

Show Diggiloo

Dalhalla It was a lot of great numbers in this years Diggiloo. To mention a few: The Melody Festival/Eurovision Medley MJ’s: Black & White MC: ”Möt mig i gamla stan” […]


Diggeloo Dalhalla The Friday performance was sunny and I got a good seat in row 0, but still got a lot of VIP-guest in front of me. I miss the […]

Diggeloo 2015

This year: Magnus Carlsson, Martin Stenmark, Helena Paparizou, Charlotte Perrelli, Andreas Johnson, Jessica Andersson, Lisa Stadell, Mollie Lindén, Hanna Hedlund, Oscar Bly, Magnus Johansson & Björn Kjellman /Anneli


Diggeloo Helena Paparizou is known for winning the Eurovison Contest. This Saturday she signed autographs. She has a voice that few can compete with. /Anneli

M. Stenmark

Diggeloo When buying M. Stenmark’s and M. Carlsson’s new records you got four records instead of two. Both previous records: Galaxy & Think of Me are outstanding, so it was a […]