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flower (1 av 1)Flower

When you look close you see
things you did not expect.

It is a rainy and cold summer.
I hope for a better August.


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Powerful Ocean

“Be unite like the rain, be powerful like the ocean.”/Abed Rajmani

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Sun & Rain

rose (1 av 1)


This weekend has been warm,
but also a lot of rain.

I have kept up the swimming
this summer. It is an effective way
of training.

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Weather 2 (1 av 1)Avesta

Today it has been a lot of sun,
a lot of rain and a lot of clouds.

This kind of weather can be
dramatic in a picture.


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Dragon Dalhalla (1 av 1)Diggeloo Dalhalla

I found this nice, but unusual
decoration in Dalhalla.
What is the story
behind it?


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Show Diggiloo

Helena Paparizou (1 av 1)Dalhalla
It was a lot of great numbers
in this years Diggiloo.
To mention a few:
The Melody Festival/Eurovision Medley
MJ’s: Black & White
MC: ”Möt mig i gamla stan”
MS: ”Sjumilakliv”


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Magnus Carlsson Dalhalla (1 av 1)Diggeloo Dalhalla
The Friday performance was sunny
and I got a good seat in row 0,
but still got a lot of VIP-guest
in front of me. I miss the water.
Saturday I ended up on row six,
but the sound was better in a
little distance.


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Diggeloo 2015

Dalhalla_arena (1 av 1)This year:
Magnus Carlsson, Martin Stenmark,
Helena Paparizou, Charlotte Perrelli,
Andreas Johnson, Jessica Andersson,
Lisa Stadell, Mollie Lindén,
Hanna Hedlund, Oscar Bly,
Magnus Johansson
& Björn Kjellman


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Helena Paparizou_Diggiloo (1 av 1)Diggeloo

Helena Paparizou is known for winning
the Eurovison Contest. This Saturday she
signed autographs.

She has a voice that few can compete with.


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M. Stenmark

Martin_Stenmark_Diggiloo_2 (1 av 1)Diggeloo

When buying M. Stenmark’s and
M. Carlsson’s new records
you got four records instead of two.
Both previous records: Galaxy & Think of Me
are outstanding, so it was a good bonus.


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