August 2015

Lasse Holm

Ulriksdal Lasse Holm well known artist, song writer, producer and Diggiloo icon signed his book. He is known for mega hits like ”Främling”, Miss Decibel, Eloise and Canelloni Macaroni. /Anneli

Sunny Diggiloo

Ulriksdal Diggiloo has come to an end, but the memories still remain. Martin Stenmark, Helena Paparizou & Magnus Carlsson are three good Diggiloo stars. Another Diggiloo star Charlotte Perrelli got married […]

Kristallen “Årets TV-Drama”/Winner 2015 Serial Drama: Jordskott

Fire Effect

Brobacken I left “Helsingfors” with a lot of good memories. Sea Life had a lot of cute fishes and animals. To see Helsinki from above was different. It is good […]

Polar Bear

“Helsinki” No polar bear on the streets of “Helsingfors”, but there is a Christmas shop that is open all year long. I happy that the sun is still shining. /Anneli


“Helsingfors” The Tivoli in “Helsingfors” is called Brobacken. It was not open when I made a visit, but some creatures still was awake. Everything is possible in a fairytale. /Anneli


“Helsingfors” It is nice to have a home to rest in. Sea Life in “Helsinki” is worth a visit. Octopuses hunt in the night. In the day light the look […]

Sea Life

Helsinki In Sea Life Helsinki you can look at a lot of sharks, pirahas, seahorses, clown fishes and octopuses. Sea Life works with conservation of life in the ocean. The treats […]

Fresh Food

“Helsingfors” The traditional market in “Helsingfors” is worth a visit. A lot of fresh food. Strawberries from heaven! /Anneli


Helsinki To see ”Helsingfors” from above is wonderful. I got a new perspective of the city. A sunny day in “Helsingfors” is worth to remember. /Anneli