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Work Out

Disco Light (1 av 1)Evening Classes
Before Christmas I got an
intense work out week:
Zumba, Body Balance,
Soma, Mind Class, Sh’bam,
Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga
I did not expect light

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It is now snow on the ground!/Anneli

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Star Light

Star Light (1 av 1)Calm Day
I am waiting for next
holiday. It is nice to lit
some lights.
Think about
all the fun that
has happen this


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Ior Christmas (1 av 1)Winter Wonderland
I hope you all have
enjoyed the first
part of Christmas.
This holiday I
celebrated Christmas


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Green Christmas

Christmas Falun (1 av 1)Winter

This will be a
green Christmas
without no snow.
I like Christmas:
trees, lights and


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Christmas 2015

Christamas Tree (1 av 1)Dalecarlia

I send you a digital
Christmas card.

A Merry Christmas
to you all!


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Online Concert

Com Hem: Darin Consert online!

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Danny Saucedo (1 av 1)Borlänge
Danny Saucedo and
two dancers came
to Liljan yesterday.
It was a good song
and dance show.
I like “Amazing” and
“In the Club” best.


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starwars_finn (1 av 1)Opening Night
It was a big event when
the new Star War movie
was shown in Borlänge.
It is good thing to see
Han Solo, Luke, Leia,
Chewbacca, R2-D2
and C-3PO again.
I have missed them

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Annonsbladet wrote about us in Pop- & Rockkören./Anneli

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