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Choir Workshop

mönster i isen (1 av 1)Mighty Voices

Last week choir practice
started. Since the end of
last autumn we have
a new choir leader.
This term started
with a workshop.

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frost (1 av 1)-2Shopping

Today I visited Falun.
This time of year
you can make
a lot of good


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rondell (1 av 1)Sunset

Today the weather was
a little bit warmer.

The light effects this
January never ends.


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bokhandel (1 av 1)Lasts Days

It is a lot of changes
in Borlänge.

The only bookstore in
town is closing. Next week
we only have one in Kupolen.

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David Bowie

My favorite Bowie song: Let’s Dance!/Anneli

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Watch Out

Akta Tomten (1 av 1)Santa Claus

Christmas time is coming
to an end.

It is good to watch out when
Father Christmas is around.


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clock (1 av 1)Planning
This is the time of the year
when I organize activites
that is coming up.
It is warmer
now than a
few days ago.


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Horse Sign

horse sign (1 av 1)Snow

Smile it is snowing!

Smile and the whole
world will smile at


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Totally Winter

tree winter (1 av 1)Frost

Father Frost finally came
to Dalecarlia.

It is a nice winter


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Air Quality

sol och rök (1 av 1)Sunset

I am not a fan of
pollution, but
it looks good
in a photo.
I am waiting
for warmer

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