July 2016


Dalhalla Many came to see Magnus Carlsson performing in Diggiloo. Barbados and Alcazar songs and moves beats it all. /Anneli

Singing Power

Diggiloo Dalhalla was this weekend filled with fantastic singing  & light. Magnus Carlsson and ladies took Diggiloo to a international level. /Anneli


Dalhalla Linda Bengtzing has got a new dangerous look. She made the the audience dance. /Anneli


Dalhalla Ace Wilder with all here energy took the Diggiloo chorgraphy to a new level. It will be nice to see what she comes up with next. /Anneli


Dalhalla Diggiloo has a lot of good performing procedures. Here is Lisa Stadell with some nice steps./Anneli


Dalhalla This year Lasse Holm made a welcome come back in Diggiloo. He has been missed by the audience. /Anneli

Dalhalla 2016

Diggiloo Last weekend Diggiloo came to Rättvik. It is always a festival when all the artists arrive in this town. The streets are filled with people. /Anneli

Diggiloo 2016

Rättvik This year a lot of good artists tour with Diggiloo. Two of them are Magnus Carlsson and Magnus Johansson. Always nice when artist sign autographs. /Anneli

Lake Reflections

View A beautiful view can make my day. This is what it looked like when I went to Bollnäs. /Anneli

Grill Night

Magnus Carlsson Grill Night in Bollnäs celebrated 30 years. People in Bollnäs could vote who they wanted to see. Magnus got most votes. A great performance inspite of extrem weather. /Anneli 🙂