September 2016

Season Change

Borlänge When the season changes the nature shows a lot of colours. The warm weather is still here. A walk in the sun is always nice. /Anneli

Warm Day

Cinderella The trip back was calm. This might been the last day to sit outside in the warm sun. Good energy is always nice! /Anneli


Magnus Carlsson ”Möt mig i Gamla”got a lot of applause. The singer showed his stage expertise. I look forward to Christmas Night. This year Christmas Night will have film theme. /Anneli

Magnus Carlsson This concert onboard Cinderella also contained a lot of nostalgy both with Barbados and Alcazar. Magnus had a lot of support from fans. People were screaming and dancing./Anneli


Cinderella Magnus Carlsson and Easy Kit surprised by singing AC/DC. Magnus can beat any hard rock star. Good with a surprise. /Anneli

Cinderella Concert

Magnus Carlsson One of the best stages right now for Swedish artists is Cinderella. This time I looked at Magnus Carlsson. This was a concert filled with surprises. /Anneli

Stockholm View

Sunset Standing onboard and looking out over a beautiful city can be breathtaking. I hope that you all enjoy the weekend. /Anneli

On the Road

Globen This week I traveled to Stockholm. A good place to see concerts. It is to bad that Kupolen almost stopped being a place for concerts. /Anneli

Central Station

Borlänge Light effects can be as simple as a template. I wonder if neon lights is the next step. /Anneli


Borlänge Two times a year the streets of Borlänge turn into a market. Friday was maybe the last days of the summer. /Anneli