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Halloween 2016

Halloween has a lot of
colours. A basket full of
pumkins is nice
to look at, but
no Cinderella,
fairy, prince &
horses in sight.
/Anneli ūüôā

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musicals-pop-och-rockkoren-1-av-1‚ÄĚPop & Rockk√∂ren‚ÄĚ
– December 5
– December 6
– 19.00
– Lugnet Church

Tickets will be released
November 1.

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Good Artist

magnus-carlsson-sala-1-av-1Magnus Carlsson
It is nice to go inside
when the weather
is bad. A good
artist can make
a grey day bright.
I look forward to
Christmas Night
& new song./Anneli

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Nice Moves

magnus-carlsson-sala-alcazar-moves-1-av-1‚ÄĚTjej Kv√§ll‚ÄĚ

Magnus Carlsson did some nice
moves when he performed
this evening in Sala.

Alcazar steps
is always right.


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magnus-carlsson-sala-profil-1-av-1Magnus Carlsson
A girl evening took
place in Sala. Magnus
Carlsson was the
main attraction.
The mall was filled
with people.
It was an entuastic

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It has been on of those rainy days in Borlänge./Anneli

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Busy Weekend

ros-host-1-av-1Vocal Technique
Yesteday was a  busy day.
First rehearsal with
Voices of Motown.
In the afternoon we in
the Pop & R. Choir got inspired
by Rebecka Andreasson.
That gave us insights in
Complete Vocal technique./Anneli

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Sami Joik

Jon Henrik fjällgren
performed yesterday
in ‚ÄĚStora Tuna Kyrka‚ÄĚ.
It was an emotional,
intense and magical


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High Jump

stefan-holm-galaxen-borlange-1-av-1Trust – Galaxen
World known high jumber
Stefan Holm replaced
Lasse Bengtsson. He talked
about hope, patience
and stubbornness.
It was a appreciated

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Motown Rehearsal

gyllene-skor-host-1-av-1Voices of Motown
This weekend we
in Voices of Motown
rehearsed in Leksand.
We immerse ourselves
in a few songs. A lot of
feelings when you
hear songs from the past.

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