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The way

It is a lot of busy
evenings coming up:
repetions & concerts.
Tomorrow is
the last day to
pre-book tickets
to The way we
sing musicals./Anneli

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Warm Fire

A warm fire
was appreciated
by the visitors.
A lot of firemen
in town centre.
Everybody was safe.


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Gustav Norén performed
today in a new gallery.
It was an unusal and
interesting music
experience that
made people
stop to listen.

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Happy Sunday

Today the town centre
was filled with light
and Christmas music.
A few shops was open.
The feeling of
Christmas is always

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Soul Classics

Motown Harmony (Voices of Motown) comes to Liljan in December!/Anneli

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Double Light


Dark November
will soon come
to an end.
Christmas time
is near.


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Cinema Rehearsal

bio-kontrast-leksand-1-av-1Motown Harmony
Rehearsals can take
place almost anywhere.
This evening we meet
in Cinema Contrast.
Leksand has a few
inspiring buildings.


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Remember to buy tickets:
The Way that We Sing Musicals

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Ingemar Ihlis &
legandary Hayati Kafe
performed yesterday
in Siljansnäs.
It was a good mix
between Frank Sinatra,
Elvis  and Barbara Streisand.

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Moon Hunt

Now finally I
have catched
the moon in
a picture. Maybe
not as super as
a few days ago,
but still fascinating.

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