February 2017

Wonderful Tulips

Tulips Spring flowers gives hope! Beauty is always nice! Real spring is just a few days away! Wonderful! /Anneli

Happy that Sweden got one more Oscar tonight!/Anneli

Light Roe Deers

Västerås They made a good job with all the light in Västerås. In the station they had an exhibition with pictures from the National museum in Stockholm. I liked the […]

Schlager Theme

“Dansbandskalaset” The artist that we all been waiting finally came. This time with Magnus Carlsson’s  successes from the Swedish Melody Festival and  more. He is also known as a previous […]


“Dansbandskalaset” The singer of Mickeys held up the energy level with good singing and dancing. Cecilia Ehrling & Tobias Karlsson from Let’s Dance also showed a dance routine with a […]


Dansbandskalaset A lot of dance bands meet yesterday in Västerås. One of the hosts & arranger were Thomas Deutgen. He is known from ”Dansbandskampen”. /Anneli

Light Tree

Västerås I visited Västerås yesterday. The city was filled with light sculptures. This is outside IKEA. Creativity is always nice! /Anneli

Cold Winter

Snow We thought that spring were here, but now it is cold. I hope that the weather changes this weekend. The light is interesting this time of year. /Anneli

Portal Dalecarlia

Säter In Dalecarlia it is a lot of beautiful portals. It triggers the fantasy. Dalecarlia is in the grip of freezing cold weather. /Anneli

Musical DVD

The Way we sing Musicals This week I got the first singing DVD I ever occured in. It is for private use and not for sale. It will be interesting […]