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Trend 2017

Bänk Avesta (1 av 1)Dalecarlia
This years trends are
nature, green, blue, pastels
& metal. I took
part of a trend
lecture today.
Design changes
through seasons!

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Long Shadows

There is a fairytale
behind every corner.
Just use your imagination.
Life is wonderful!
Take care of every


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Soap Bubble

Såpbubbla Kupolen (1 av 1)Circus Theme
Giant soap bubbles
could be seen in
Kupolen today.
A bubble just exists
just a few seconds and
then it is gone.


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Spring Attributes

Blåsippa Dalarna (1 av 1)

Follow your dreams
and the world will
follow. Universe is
not as far a way as
it might seem.
Magic & Wonder!

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World Water Day

heart spring (1 av 1)Heart
New patterns can be seen on
the ground.
Everybody should
ask them self if they can do
something about the water crisis
in the world.


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Zebra Leo´s Lekland (1 av 1)Artificial Zebra
Sometime it is
nice to explore
unknown places.
Today I took a
lunch break at

/Anneli 🙂

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Return of the Sun

Krokus Dalarna (1 av 1)Spring
Some spring signs
can now be seen
in Dalecarlia.
Wonderful sunny
days is always


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Avesta in Light (1 av 1)Blue House
One of the most famous
buildings in Avesta is the
Blue House that was designed by
Alvar Aaloto. In this picture it
can be seen in the
end of the street.


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Spring Shadow

Kupolen Ljus (1 av 1)Dalecarlia

The light is
returning. It would be
nice too have the time
to sit down.
Waiting for summer!


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Go On

Robin Bengtsson
All my votes went to: I Can´t Go On. Truly a worthy winner!/Anneli

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