April 2017

Walpurgis Night – Falun Mine: Pop- & Rockkören /Anneli

Sea View

”Helsingfors” When travelling on a ship I always get out and see the view. This last April will spend in Dalecarlia. It will be a new experience. /Anneli

Design Museum

”Helsingfors” It is a lot of interesting design to see in the design museum in Helsinki, for example Design items from Alvar Altoo. /Anneli


”Helsingfors” This house looks more English than Finish. A bit like something from the world of Harry Potter. Magic & Wonder! /Anneli

Lens Louse

Tropicario What an usual animal! It interesting to see things you have not seen before. Wonderful! Beautiful! /Anneli

Tropicario A lot of dangerous animals in Tropicario. This one looks like he is waiting for food. Lunch! Dinner! Dessert! /Anneli


Tropicario This is one of the rare birds of this kind in Europé. He is a cute & intelligent one. My favorite! /Anneli


”Helsinki” In ”Helsingfors” you find Tropicario. It is a place where you can look at snakes and crocodiles. This was my first visit, but not my last./Anneli

Spring Helsinki

”Krokus” The spring has come to Helsinki also. It was colder in Finland than in Sweden. Nice to be back. /Anneli

Explore Helsinki

Finland It is a lot to explore in the the country. Sometimes I visit the famous Christmas shop in the centre of Helsinki./Anneli