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Meeting Point

Station Helsiki (1 av 1)”Station Helsingfors”
I’m sorry, I haven´t
been writing for a
few days. I have
been on vacation.
I hope that you
all have enjoyed

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Easter Saturday

Fjädrar 2017(1 av 1)Happy Easter
This year Easter
is celebrated traditionally.
It was unexpected that
Samir & Sigrid left
Let’s Dance last night.
I hope they continue
to dance.

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Grey Monday

Lilja Falun (1 av 1)Hope
It was a lot of rain
this morning.
The most import is to
believe that there is hope.
This evening we had
a silent moment in
the Pop- & Rock Choir.

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Wonderful Easter

Fjädrar Avesta (1 av 1)Avesta
Easter is coming up soon.

The streets are filled with

It is nice with some

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Symbol Avesta

Vincent Avesta (1 av 1)Trademark
One sunny day in
Avesta the most
massive statue
can look cute,
but they are
better looking
in reality.

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Easter Preparation

Påsk Turistbyrå Borlänge (1 av 1)Dalecarlia
Since a few years it
has become more
usual with feathers
outside. I think that
it is a good tradition.
Here it is warm one
day and cold another.

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