April 2017

Meeting Point

”Station Helsingfors” I’m sorry, I haven´t been writing for a few days. I have been on vacation. I hope that you all have enjoyed Easter. /Anneli

Easter Saturday

Happy Easter This year Easter is celebrated traditionally. It was unexpected that Samir & Sigrid left Let’s Dance last night. I hope they continue to dance. /Anneli

Grey Monday

Hope It was a lot of rain this morning. The most import is to believe that there is hope. This evening we had a silent moment in the Pop- & […]

Wonderful Easter

Avesta Easter is coming up soon. The streets are filled with feathers. It is nice with some colors. /Anneli

Symbol Avesta

Trademark One sunny day in Avesta the most massive statue can look cute, but they are better looking in reality. /Anneli

Easter Preparation

Dalecarlia Since a few years it has become more usual with feathers outside. I think that it is a good tradition. Here it is warm one day and cold another. […]