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Beautiful Scenery

Don’t look back, unless
it’s a beautiful view.
A nice photo often
starts with a good idea.
Take care of the


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New Terminal

The new terminal
in Stockholm looks
like a bit of the future.
This one is a lot better than
the last one.
New design is always

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A lot of people choose
to pre-celebrate mothers day
onboard Galaxy. Congratulation all
mothers! It was also another good dance
show with the Melody Festival as a
theme. The show had everything from
Alcazar to Perrelli.

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David Lindgren performed
onboard Silja Galaxy this
weekend. It was a good
dance and song show
with a lot of action.
The show was worth
the money.

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Day Off

I wish you all a happy weekend.
Sometimes I wish to be at many places at the same time./Anneli

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Sir Roger Moore

James Bond
Roger Moore has
past away. He will
be missed. Moore was
a great actor.
In Avesta flowers blom.
I hope it will be more

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Today we had a premier
in the tevestudio.
Film projects can sometimes be


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Pop- & Rockkören
“We are Dreamers” was a
night full of dreams.
Dreams about love &
dreams about making
a diffrence. This autumn
it will be a celebration
Photo: Guest

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Dream Concert

Lugnet Church
Monday I performed with
the Pop & Rock Choir. Dreams
are important! It is a
lot of joy in our choir.
Standing ovations is
always nice. The photo
shows the audience.

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Dream On

We are Dreamers: Thank you all for watching us.
Me in the end of film./Anneli

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