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Michael Nyqvist

Sweden’s best male Hollywood actor is dead. Michael Nyqvist will be remembered./Anneli

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Happy Friday!

Have a happy Midsummer./Anneli

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Water Life

Yesterday was a happy
day. Säterdalen is a wonderful
place this time of the year.  A lot of
water and new plants.
Nature has come to


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Avesta Wood
In the central Avesta it is near
to the nature. Idea: Think nice
thoughts. Be a good person.
Believe in positive thoughts.
Try to make the world better!
Find new solutions.


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After Run Party

Barbados has made the official
after party song to ”Göteborgsvarvet”.
It is a video with a lot of energy.
I believe it is going to be
a good Barbados summer.


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Barbados “Åfesten”
On Monday it will be possible to
see a new episode of
”Innan vi droppar av”.
It is a good mini-serial,
but it would also be nice
to see what previous
members are up to./Anneli

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Clap Loudly

Barbados was in their best
mood. They bought the
house down. Björn Lagerström
danced with the audience.
I Hope that they come back
to Falun soon.

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Hit Party

Eric Gadd came to  Falun.”
He played a lot of his hits.
Åfesten” has this year has
been a success with a
lot of good artists.
The weather during
Saturday evening was
alright. /Anneli

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Student 2017

Congratulation al
students. A lot has taken
the student the last days.
I wish you all a bright future
in a sustainable future.
Creativity is important!/Anneli
Artist: Paul Ericson/
”Estetiska Programmet”/Media/Avesta

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Henrik Strömberg and Scotts
performed in Falun. It was
crowded on the dance floor.
”Åfesten” has become a yearly
arrangement. Gunhild Carling
was also a part of yesterdays

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