July 2017


Malung yesterday! Tierp today! Life can change quickly./Anneli

Calm Sea

Stockholm Those moments in the sun when heaven meets sea is worth a lot. A nice view can always make my day. Stockholm is fantastic in sunset./Anneli

Jussi Stockholm

Stockholm Jussi Björling has a statue in Stockholm also.  He was born in Borlänge and grew up near the station. I hope you all have a happy weekend. /Anneli

Leksand Bridge

Gustav Wasa One of the most famous bridges in Dalecarlia is ”Leksandsbron”. ”M/S Gustav Wasa” is Leksand’s most famous boat. Together they are a nice view./Anneli


Ingrosso “Ludvikafesten” was a good arrangement this year. Many came to see Benjamin Ingrosso. It is nice to watch people with a lot of rythm. /Anneli

Ludvika Party

”Ludvikafesten” Morgan Johansson came to Ludvika last weekend. Mojje entertained kids. The candy party was popular. I looks like he came to fairytale land. /Anneli

Midsummer Elkpark

Wonderful A bit late to write about midsummer, but those bright nights never stop the imagination. In Dalecarlia Midsummer is one of the main turist events. /Anneli

Double Rainbow: 2

Avesta Sometimes a lot is happening and I do not where to begin to write. A double rainbow is rare. Midsummer eve this one occured outside Torp. That is luck! […]