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Malung yesterday! Tierp today!
Life can change quickly./Anneli

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Calm Sea

Those moments in
the sun when heaven
meets sea is worth a lot.
A nice view can always
make my day.
Stockholm is fantastic
in sunset./Anneli

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Jussi Stockholm

Jussi Björling has
a statue in Stockholm
also.  He was born in Borlänge
and grew up near the
station. I hope
you all have a
happy weekend.

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Victoria Day

Congratulation Crown Princess Victoria!/Anneli

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Leksand Bridge

Gustav Wasa
One of the most famous
bridges in Dalecarlia is
”M/S Gustav Wasa”
is Leksand’s most
famous boat.
Together they are
a nice view./Anneli

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“Ludvikafesten” was
a good arrangement
this year. Many came
to see Benjamin Ingrosso.
It is nice to watch
people with a lot
of rythm.

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Ludvika Party

Morgan Johansson came
to Ludvika last weekend.
Mojje entertained
kids. The candy
party was popular.
I looks like he came
to fairytale land.

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Midsummer Elkpark

A bit late to write
about midsummer,
but those bright nights
never stop the imagination.
In Dalecarlia Midsummer
is one of the main
turist events.

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Double Rainbow: 2

Sometimes a lot is happening
and I do not where to begin
to write. A double rainbow is rare.
Midsummer eve this one
occured outside Torp.
That is luck!


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