October 2017

Toyota 1 Year

Marcolio Toyota in Borlänge celebrated one year with guests: Marcolio & Let´s Dance. It is nice when a company arranges activities for children. /Anneli


Drak-Olle Family Rysberg’s own Drak-Olle came to Dalecarlia during Halloween times. Marko Lehtosalo is known for a lot of hits, for example ”Värsta Schlagern”./Anneli

Waterpark Autumn

Peace It is cold outside, but always nice to catch the diffrent seasons in a picture. I hope it will not snow until December. /Anneli


Pumpkin Halloween is soon coming up. It is a lot of pumkins this time of year. Saturday was sunny, but cold. /Anneli

Second Season

”Jordskott II” ”Jordskott” has been shown in 50 countries. Tomorrow they will show the second season. In the first season I had a small part as an environmental activist. /Anneli


Dalecarlian horse The landscape in Dalecarlia is calm, but you never now what will appear. Welcome to Dalecarlia! /Anneli 🙂


Siljan Rättvik’s traditional market took place this weekend. It was cold, but sunny. The way home was a stormy experience. /Anneli

Wonderful Autumn

Home Sweet home When the autumn comes it is nice to just watch television. It has been sunny day. I look forward to the weekend. /Anneli


Sala This weekend the traditional market in Sala took place. It was my first visit. The scouts made a fire. /Anneli

Rainbow & Water

Previous Cruise I never thought I would see a rainbow hit the ground, but I did. It was not a usual rainbow. It was dubble. Life is beautiful! Take Care! […]